cassaandra (cassaandra) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Question about Leafeon Pokedolls and Tag Protection~

1. Are there any different versions of Leafeon Pokedolls--specificallly with longer and shorter minky? I feel like some of the ones I've seen have longer minky than others. The US ones usually look longer to me, and some Japanese ones look long, and some look shorter. Maybe it's just different lighting in different pictures? >__>

2. What size toploaders do you guys usually get for your plushes' hangtag protection? I'm looking into getting some, but don't currently have a lot of different types of tags to measure to figure out what I should get. Do the Japanese Pokedoll tags fit in 3x4 toploaders? I've also seen 4x6 toploaders, but I don't know if it's necessary to get ones that big. xD

Hope I'm making sense! Thank you in advance! ^^
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