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WANTS POST: Bring me your Pikachu Pokedoll stuff!!

Hey guys, hope everybody had a good holiday season! I come asking for pikachu pokedoll items. I have an american pokedoll and got the american DX one for christmas. They are so cute I just can't resist. :) I have pictures of some specific things I want, but if there is pokedoll merch that I didn't mention that you have, tell me about it! As a side note, I got this pictures on google image search, and if they are yours and you want me to take them down, just let me know.

pikachu pokedoll - Google Search

Also, another want that I missed out on, the adorable angry face pikazard! I see him on ebay but for crazy high prices, so I thought I would try here. I will take either the keychain version (as seen in the picture below) or the regular size, which ever one I can get for cheaper.


And to wrap up these wants, I am forever on the search for the feraligatr and Pikachu minicot figures, so let me know if you have these for sale!

Edit, a few questions Forgot to ask a couple of questions. First, does anyone know if any shiny marill merch (card, figure, etc.) was ever made? Also, has the trainer's choice line by tomy come out with a totodile plush or figure? I keep looking at toys r us and Walmart and they seem to be coming out with more starters, i just didn't know if it hasn't come out or if I am just missing it.

Thanks for all your help!
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