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Twinkly Gets and A want from Japan.

I received some HUGE boxes this week and I have been waiting to share the shiny goodness within :3
2015-01-15 21.07.01

Just scrolling through the hundreds pokemon listings on y!j during late December, dark_tyranitar came across these two auctions that at the time had no bids.

You may recall he made a post about them:

We had both seen the pokemon LED statues before but something hit us the right way, these would be decorating our home next next year!
Waiting patiently until the last second, we won! As you can see, we did pretty well, but the shipping was 5000 yen each so don't be too jealous :P

Soon after we learned how to search for them we came across part 3:
Then we nabbed chimchar!

After a joyous holiday, they finally arrived in Japan.

They had to be shipped EMS individually due to their size, but that also meant they only took 3 days to arrive once they left.

They're heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!
2015-01-15 20.27.08

Even if they didn't light up, they look pretty cool!
2015-01-15 20.58.52

But they do light up!
2015-01-15 20.58.59

2015-01-15 21.06.41

I don't know what took me so long to want these!! XD
2015-01-15 21.06.47

2015-01-15 21.06.54

Each Pokémon has 7 settings so we put together this short video to show them off! (bonus points if you recognize the song)

Pardon my Jake reaction gifs:

In closing, we are still VERY interested in finding a turtwig.

If you live in Japan and know of any local stores selling one, we would definitely make it worth your while ;)
We'd pay for all your expenses, shipping, paypal fee and a commission too!

Have a nice weekend!

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