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Re: intro

Hey just a short reintro. I've been collecting since 2011, took a pretty long break after reaching (all but one) all of my grails.
I went from this...

To this!
Just a cabinet of favorites. Most are mwt.

The big guy...pretty happy to own one is such great condition.
I got him at a yard sale years can read about it here if you want xP:

A gorgeous watch...never used it. :( I'd love to but i don't think i could find another. My pics really don't capture how nice it is.
This cool pokedoll clock!
And this is my favorite! A custom from's gabite. So hard to collect middle evo pokemon.
Garchomp is one of my favorites. I feel bad owning these knowing their seedy reputation but I'm pretty happy there's a proportional garchomp.

This was the plush that started it all for me. I randomly bought him off a tcg forum and was shocked at his value...and even more shocked to find that japan had stores full of pokemon plush! I switched from tcg stuff to actual merch in less than a day. So, thank you Luxray, this has been one of the most expensive enjoyable hobbies i've ever had. XD
Annnnd that's it. Thanks for looking! Hope they make some hoenn pokedolls soon.

Is +pokebox+ still around?
She did such cute stuff.
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