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Quick Sales Post: Slashed Prices Everywhere

Hey everyone, hope your new year is going well! I've got some items up for sale and have slashed most of my prices since my last sales post, so come and take a look!

Sales Rules:

- I was grated sales permission by entirelycliched on 12/01/13
- My feedback is here:
- I live in a smoke-free but cat-friendly house
- Everything is sold as-is; please ask questions if you're unsure about an item's condition
- Commitments are given priority
- I'm okay with holding items for up to a month-- Just let me know in advance
- Payment plans are fine, but pleae comment/ PM me about them first if you'd like to set one up
- I'm more than happy to take better pictures if asked

- Prices do not include shipping/packaging or Paypal fees
- I can be a bit slow when it comes to giving quotes; please be patient
- I only accept payment from Paypal
- I'm not accepting haggling at the moment
- I haven't been in the collecting loop for a while; I've done some research on pricing but feel free to let me know if my prices are way off

- I ship from the US
- I should have items shipped out within two days of receiving payment
- I am not responsible for any damaged or lost packages after they leave my possession-- I recommend buying insurance if you're worried about this

Xatu Pokemon Time Plush MWT $23 $20

Cleffa Kuta Kuta No Longer Available

Litwick Plush $13 $10

I Love Gothic Gengar Cushions MWT x2  $65 each $60 each

Litleo Pokemon Center Plush MWT $24 $20

Sylveon Pokemon Center Plush MWT $24 $20

Sylveon Sitting Plush MWT $20 $18

I <3 Eevee Leafeon Plushes- $10 each

Leafeon Canvas- On Hold

Eeveelutions Mansion Clearfile- On Hold

Sandsrew Banpresto Bell Plush $50

Bootie Wooper Pokedoll No Longer Available

Pokemon Kids!

$2 each: Wooper, Blastiose, Victreebell and Exeggcute

$3 each: Drifloon, Oddish, Clefairy, Cloyster

$4: clear Exeggutor

Shiny Pokemon Cards 50 cents each 25 cents each:

Magnemite, Magneton, Aerodactyl, Oddish, Gloom,
Staryu, Starmie, Omastar, Weepinbell, Bellsprout,
Arbok, Shellder, Cloyster, Gastly, and Gengar


Reshiram and Zekrom Sticker Sheets, Pokemon Center bag (has a rip in it), Venonat TOPPS Card,
tiny Gastly flat, and Venomoth Tomy (not pictured but badly stained and Idk if it's a bootie or not)

Thanks for looking, and since I haven't logged on here in a while, Happy Belated New Years to you all! :D
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