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Pin Commissions -Slots Reopened!

So I thought that I wouldn't beable to take any more of these because of how unusually difficult it is to find ink for my old printer but I got lucky! Thank goodness for the internet lol. I happended to find the one person not selling it for 3 times the mark up @~@;

So yes~! More slots!Looking over my supplies, I only have enough pin back atm for 7 commissions this time. Here's your second chance to get a custom pin set while you can!

[NEW!] Charm versions are now availableas well! See below for additional details :>

pin group

Feedback Link:http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/yardsalecouch/

~ I was given sales permission by entirelycliched on Dec 1st,2013

Custom Pin Commission details:

★ Each commission will inculde 2 pins for $20 + emailed hi-res file of the pokemon drawings for personal printing
★ Pin will feature a bust of whichever pokemon you choose
★ 1 pokemon per pin: you may choose to have the second to have the same design, a shiny version, or another pokemon for your second pin.

Yep! Two different commissions (or three if you count the hi-res file for print) for the price of $20!
pin set example 1 a
pin set example 1

Custom Charm Commission details:

★ All details such as size, materials,cost, and content (2 for $20, e-mailed hi-res files,etc.) are the same as with the pin details
★ The only difference being: charms will include a black swing strap and 2 dust plugs included (1 per charm)
★ Charm commissions also have the same option of 2 of the same or different design

charms alone
completed sharpedo charms

★ You will also receive a secret extra goodie :>
★ Pins and charms measure approx. 1"
★ Pin commissions will have a metal bar pin attached to the back and charms will have a 2" long swing strap with a thick metal ring to ensure it remains attached
★ Turnaround time is about 1 day for the illustration and 1-2 days for the pin (this is all depending the communication of the commissioner for the approval stage and personal schedule)
I will only be taking 7 slots for these commissions this time around
★ I have enough pin backs to make 3 pins and will have 4 slots separate for swing charms


  1. hantsukihaunter

  2. clair2522

  3. davesass

  4. synysterxskittl (2)

  5. clair2522 (2)

  6. tdotakichan (2)

  1. Open (swing charm)

  2. Open (swing charm)

  3. Open (swing charm)

  4. Open (swing charm)


★ All prices are listed in USD
★ Paypal fees and shipping will be in yout final total/quote
★ When paying using Paypal, please include your LJ username +what you commissioned in the comments section
★ Backing out after committing will result in negative feedback so PLEASE be clear about whether you are asking for a quote or committing.


★I ship from Colorado,USA
★Items are sent via USPS
-Domestic: Expect to pay $3.87 for domestic- this will include a tracking number
-International: Expect to pay about $5-$10 (It also depends which country it ships to), tracking will have to be requested and will cost extra.
★ Items will be sent in a bubble mailer - both reused and new (all envelopes are secured with extra shipping tape and bubble wrap to protect during transit)
★ All items will be mailed within 1 to 1 1/2 weeks depending on work load

What to expect

★ After payment is received, a sketch will be sent for approval
★ After approval, line art will be completed and then color
★ When pins/charms are assembled, a photo will be messaged to you of the final product

Feel free to ask if you have any questions!

[EDIT: I'm going out to run errands so I'll be back at around 3pm MST]

[EDIT 2: I'm back! I have all day today off so I'll be able to work on orders immediately!]

[Edit 3- 1/29/15] I have the next two days available to work solely on commissions so the turnaround will be quick!

[Edit 4 - 2/9] My new job has made my personal time few and far between but it should (maybe) become something along the lines of somewhat predictable by the middle of next week! I should be able to check messages at least once a week during this time. I'm sorry if this may cause any inconvenience!
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