Ritzy (iridescentfox) wrote in pkmncollectors,

MCM London Expo 25 & 26 of October

I know that there is a fair deal of UKers in this community and wasn't sure how many are planning to attend Expo this coming weekend? It was so much fun meeting several members at a convention in September (AWA) that I wasn't sure if anyone wanted to try and do something for Expo? :3 The steps outside the Excel centre seemed to have been a good meeting place in May but it depends on the weather for this Expo, really. (Very cold and/or pissing it down =/= fun)

I'll be toting around my Flareon plushie backpack that I've made or rather still needs completion so if you see someone with a Flareon bag please don't be afraid to say hi! I don't tend to bite too hard, but I may still be slightly jetlagged. ;D No clue on what cosplays I'm wearing or when, but at one point I will also be doing a form of Flareon gijinka.

So who's all going? Cosplaying? If so what as? :D
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