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Sylveon Custom figure sale and Custom Slot offers!

So recently I had made a sylveon figurine! Chibi style! She's so cute and I have to give her a good home! Also I need fundsXP
Sylveon is about 2 inches tall and a bit longer. She's made of sculpy and acrylic paints. And little fangs to die for! She has not been sealed, but acrylic is permanent. Buyer can chose to seal it themselves/keep it as is or pay extra for me to buy a proper sealant. (The only acrylic sealer I have in the house has acetone in it, which is stupid as acetone is used to remove acrylic paint)
-Sales permission granted on November 6 2014 by entirelycliched
My feedback:

Info about my sales:
-All community rules apply.
-Prices are in USD and will accept paypal only!!!
-Unless stated, prices do not include shipping/fees
-Shipping is from Texas.
-You can haggle, but please be reasonable. There is a high chance I won't haggle much if it's a custom. (also no haggling in auctions, that should be a given, but just saying)
-I come from a clean and smoke free home and no animals.
-I can hold up to 48 hours IF requested. I can do longer, BUT partial payment would be required then.
-I will ship as fast as I can and I will let you know once an item has been sent. I will use USPS
-I have the right to refuse selling to anyone, even if you are not banned. (Generally this is if you make me uncomfortable or if I receive anything that I find rude)
-I can ship internationally, but I'm pretty new to that, so it'll be nice if you can help me out with it^_^
-another thing, when I price you for shipping, I will also add in the charge of a box. Bubble wrap is free, but I may choose to charge for packing peanuts where I find necessary


I am auctioning sylveon with a start price of $50 usd.

Please no complaints, this figure was painted with precision and had a lot of hard work. Also this figure will be OOAK. I will not do another shiny sylveon like this. If I were to make another chibi sylveon like this it would have to be it's regular variant.

I am also auctioning a slot for a custom slot. The is for a figure about 2 inches. (2 inches is a guestimate, it may be slightly larger or smaller depending on the pokemon) Whatever style you want I will do. (If I feel this is in my skill range or am interested in doing. Please ask in the questions/comments if I can do this before you bid) and please post what you want in your first bid. It will be OOAK as well bids start at 20 dollars (usd)
If you are bidding for the custom slot and understand ALL of my information, please place the word "bananas" somewhere!!

both offers and the auction will end after a week 1/25/15. (Coming Sunday) The end time will be 10:00 pm. (central time U.S) Extended time will happen if within the last 10 minutes of the auction there is a bid. The extension will be 5 minutes. (I will post a timer soon for those international!)

shipping will range from 5-20 dollars international and most likely 5 dollars within US. I will put more accurate numbers later. Also both the sylveon figure and custom figure will be shipped at the same time, so even the the sylveon is finished it may take a bit longer for me to ship.

Thanks for bidding!

those of you who saw the post earlier, I had to delete it because apparently I can't remember all the rulesXD SO sorry for those who got confused by this! I believe it is exactly 24 hours now (ish...)

previous bidders who I am tagging so they see this post:

also I am awaiting feedback from mizunosakura please leave some when you see this!
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