Vap (vaporotem) wrote in pkmncollectors,

The Chicken Has Landed

Ahhh after some time waiting, i finally got this big Combusken plushhh... and boy, hes BIG~

Finally Marshtomp got a frined to be with ;3; I was going to get the small Combusken but then i saw this big one auction and just... fell for it. I allways do.

Got a lil mail from happyjolteon not long ago with the Kidsss <3 I was so happy with them, even with the 1$ ones with the lil dirts on them. Gave them a lovely bath and removed most of it~
Thank you much!

Im a Mawile hunter. I love this kid so much~

Only now noticed that i got all the middle evo water starters xD

THE cutest Poliwag on earth.

And the rest of the gang, chilling all together~ ( Miltank makes me giggle when i look at it's face.. )

Other than that, Some long ago, someone from Devi gave me a big box with many old poke stuff from Burger King, Tomy figures, Cards and all and i forgot about something else that was inside:

Does anybody know where those from? :0 some looks bootleg but they also looks so cute and lovely.. they are really tiny... I DO think that some came from those balls with a pokemon inside they used to sell back in 1999... god knows.. BOOOTTYYYY~

I do love these trio much :>

I was supposed to get another mail today but its a holiday ( AGAIN ) so will have to wait till Wendsday.

Being a jew is HARD >:[
Tags: collection, combusken, figures, plush
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