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Tokyo Trip Sales and Offers - Taaaaake, Taaaake them hooooome...

...because they're sick of living in my closet.

I've got quite a few rare items up for offers and a number of items for sale as well! Click on the collage below to go straight to the sales or open the cuts below them!

Offers Collage 4

Sales Collage 4

Sales Policies
- I received Sales Permission from lineaalba in February of 2009 (almost 6 years... wow!)
- My feedback can be found here
- I ship from the US and will happily ship anywhere
- I accept Paypal ONLY (use Goods/Services option)
- Prices are in USD and do not include "fees"
- Payment is due within 24 hours of me giving you your total, unless we discuss something first
- I will hold an item for up to two weeks if you are 100% committed. But backing out WILL result in negative feedback.
- Please feel free to ask any questions!!! :)

Quotes do not hold an item. Please be clear if you're committed to a purchase! :)
Committed to me means: "I will take X to 12345" or "I am committed to X" (usually a statement)
Quotes to me are: "What will X be to 12345?" or "How much..." or anything with the word "quote"! (Usually a question)
I will accept "If X plus shipping is less than $X, I will take it to 12345" as a committment, especially for international buyers, but will not hold you to it if the price is more than that.

Base USPS Shipping Prices (Will go up from here, depending on weight)
Clearfiles/Completely Flat Items: $1.50 (US), $3 (International)
Small Items (1-3oz): $2.50 (US), $7 (International)
Larger Items (3oz+): $3.50 (US), $12 (International)
US shipping prices apply to ALL zip codes in the contiental US (Sorry Alaska and Hawaii - I still think you're cool)
Priority will most likely be used in the US for purchases over 13oz (tracking # will be provided) or per request.
If you want to use FedEx OR if it's cheaper than USPS (usually larger packages), then I can use them too! I get a work discount, so let me know :)
I cannot be responsible for packages lost by the postal services. If you're concerned, you may request tracking or insurance for an additional fee (generally $1-2)

Shipping Info
I do everything in my power to ship items within a few days of cleared payment; however, I do spend a good amount of time making sure my items are packaged well and secure for their trip. It can take a little while to get everything wrapped up, so please keep that in mind. I will notify you when I ship your items! :) It will never be more than 2 weeks unless there is an emergency, in which case you will be notified ASAP.

Wanna Trade? (Cuz someone always asks... ;D)
Currently only trading for e-reader series holographic cards (no reverse holos), Crystal cards from Skyridge, and Shiny "Star" cards from the ex-series in good-mint condition. Also looking for a SILVER metal Whiscash. If we cannot agree on a value for your items in a reasonable amount of time (1-2 days), I will cancel the transaction.

Please reply to the person before you in the thread.
Increments of $1
Offers will be taken until 1/24/15 at 10am MST (tried to make it when most people will be awake! >.<) or if they slow down
All images can be clicked to open up a larger version or have a link to additional photos (see descriptions!)

NEW Espeon Pokemon Collessum Blind Bag Can Badge (2003) - Starts at $35
Brand new- pulled from blind bag myself. Did a lot of research and haven't been able to find one yet. Comes with package insert! If anyone knows more about these for the sake of my own knowledge, I'd love to hear about them! (Quilava one = <3)

NEW (Adult Small) Pokemon Center Misdreavus & Mismagius Shirt (2009) - Starts at $65
Brand new- still in original plastic with all tags. Please note that Japanese sizes are not the same as US sizes! Very rare and hard to find!

Pokemon Center Smoochum Promo Metal Locket Keychain (2003) - Starts at $85
In awesome condition- very very rare locket keychain from the elusive Pokemon Center Smoochum promotion! The main piece opens up into a two-sided traditional locket, perfect for two adorable little pictures of whatever you wish! The inside is in fantastic condition.

Houndour Mascot Plush - Starts at $40
In excellent condition! Some of the felt is dividing - one of the small foot pieces lost its secondary felt layer (two-layered felt was used), but still has one. Doesn't change its appearance (Bottom of feet/belly picture).

Espeon Mascot Plush - Starts at $25
In good condition - most of the glue has let go, so the felt is splitting. Should be easy to fix. Appears to have had right eye "fixed" with white out/white paint, so please note the imperfection. I have not attempted to remove the excess for fear of doing damage, but hopefully someone has more expertise than me. Otherwise, she's adorable!

NEW Suicune "Pocket Monsters" Mechanical Pencil - Starts at $25
Mint in package and in great shape! The figure has some aging (see pictures), but is still NIP

NEW Pichu Pokemon Mini Strap (2002) - Starts at $15
Mint in original packaging. The cardboard packaging does have some bends in it, but the strap is perfect.

NEW Pokemon Mini Game Charms (2002) - Starts at $15
Brand new in original packaging. Background cardboard does have some sun damage/age, but the charms are perfect! Includes a charm for the "Chikorita", "Wooper", and "Smoochum" mini game consoles (Back of package)

Absol Attack TOMY Keychain Figure (2004) - Starts at $20
In fantastic shape- looks brand new! (Bottom of figure)

Johto-Release Raikou Charm (2009)- Starts at $5
Comes attached to a small peice of packaging. In fantastic shape!

Eeveelution Metal Coins - Start at $2 EACH
From the Kanto-era, these are nice metal coins (same size as TCG ones)

Charizard Metal Coin - Starts at $2
Not in the greatest condition - I'm not too familiar with metal, but I bet you could clean it up quite nicely! Picture with flash used so you can see the details better :)

MIP Rayquaza Pokemon Center NY Iron-on Patch (2004)- Starts at $15
In origianl packaging - about three inches tall and very nicely detailed!

Original Sugimori Carddass Eeveelution Set (1997) - Starts at $15
Set includes Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon. Jolteon and Vaporeon are in near mint condition. Flareon is perfect except for an indentation under the "Pocket Monsters" text. Very difficult to see unless you're looking hard

Original Sugimori Carddass Cards (1997)- Flareon (Starts at $4) and Jolteon (Starts at $5)
In near mint condition. This Flareon also has a slight indent under the "S" in "Pocket Monsters" (you can see the shadow in the picture). It is minimal and you have to really look to see it.

Original Sugimori Carddass Cards (1997) - Raichu (Starts at $4), Vulpix (Starts at $5), and Ninetales (Starts at $5)
In near-mint condition - they look absolutely fanstastic!

All images can be clicked on to open a larger version - see descriptions for additional images if available!

Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo Clearfile (with mini PIkazard Clearfile) - $10 SOLD
Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo Notebook set (includes two notebooks- both covers shown) - $15 SOLD
Front and back of each item shown in pictures

Pokemon Center "Pokemon Petite" Clearfiles (includes mini Clearfile) - $9 each
Front and back of each item shown in pictures

Pokemon Center Onemuri Pikachu Clearfile - $10
Pokemon Center Pikachu (with apples? o.O) Clearfile - $9
Front and back of each item shown in pictures

Pokemon Center Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Hoenn Pokemon Clearfile (includes large sticker) - $12 SOLD
Freaking beautiful artwork! Front and back of item shown side-by-side

MD Files 1MD Files 2
Pokemon Center "My Dearest" Clearfiles - $9 EACH or $26 for a set of 4
Two of each available

HOLD: Lati@s clearfile
SOLD: One set

Pokemon Center ORAS Pencilboard - two available - $7 SOLD
Front and back of item shown side-by-side

Pokemon Center Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Hoenn Notebook (beautiful and high quality) - two available - $13
Pokemon Center Rayquaza Watercolor Postcard set (includes 3 cards) - $8 (x2 SOLD)
Pokemon Center "Pokemon Petite" Latios & Latias Notepad - $8
Pokemon Center "My Dearest" Notepads (includes two full color pads - one male, one female) - three available - $14
Examples of "My Dearest" Notepad Pages: Pikachu & Meowstic | Gardevior & Latios

Eevee Mini Clearfile w/ dividing tabs - $7 (HOLD)
Eevee Notebook (appears to have lined and grapd-paper pages) - $15
Eeveelution 2015 Planner (has full-color pages inside- very pretty!) - $15
Eevee Petite Notepad (brown, taller one) - two available - $8
Eevee Mini Notepad (white, square one) - $6 SOLD
Umbreon/Espeon Clearfile Set (includes two clearfiles - front and back of each shown) - three available - $14

Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo Pikazard Sticker Set - four two available - $8 each (SOLD x2)
Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo Grand Opening Pikazard Promo Card - three two available - $10 each (SOLD x1)

Pokemon Center Notebook featuring Pokemon from the anime (see inside pages) - $14
From 2005 - purchased from the US Pokemon Center website. USED. It orginally came with 24 pages - I removed the four I had written on for a total of 20 remaining pages. No damage from the removal. In very good condition, but has a little wear.

Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo Pizard Phone Strap - $12 SOLD
Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo Pikazard Pen (Blue - 0.7mm) and Mechanical Pencil (Red - 0.5mm) - $15 each or $25 for both
(Close up of Pikazards on top of pen/pencil)

Pokemon Center Tokyo Exclusive "Crepe" Eevee Mascot Pen (Blue) - three available - $13 each or $20 for both
Pokemon Center Tokyo Exclusive "Crepe" Eevee Mascot Pen (Yellow) - three available - $13 each or $20 for both
Pokemon Center Tokyo Exclusive "Crepe" Eevee Mascot Headphone Jack Charm - $12
Or take all three for $30!

Close up of Eevee Charm shown

Let's Find Pokemon Books - Like New, may have a little wear - $8 each (HOLD on both)
Front and back of books shown

Sorry for the horribly blurry picture >.>
Mega Gengar/Mega Charizard Kid Figures - $4 each
Pikachu Kid Figure - $3

Pokemon Center Mega Pokemon Hankerchief/Cloth - $10 (x1 SOLD)
Image of opened hankerchief (borrowed from Pokevault)

Eeveelution Clips (~2" wide) - $3.50 each
Take Umbreon & Espeon for $6
Take Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon for $8 SOLD

HOLD: Espeon
SOLD: Umbreon, Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon

Pokemon Center Hanafuda Pins - $3 each

2003 Japanese-release Torchic Pokedoll - Mint Condition - $35
Hang tag is curved and has a few minor creases, but it's in amazing shape considering its age
Close ups - Hang Tag - Tush Tag

Pokemon Center Drifloon "Petite" Plush keychains - two available - $13 each
Sylveon Stamper - two available - $4 each

Card Bidners
ORAS Mini Card Binders - holds 60 TCG cards - six available - $1.50 each
Front and back of binder shown side-by-side
TCG Platinum: Arceus Full-sized Poster - Excellent Condition, never used - $3
One side shows pictures of every card in the set, the other is a promo picture of 4 Arcues types

Monster Collection Mega Manectric TOMY Figure - MIP - $8
Monster Collection Mega Gengar TOMY Figure - MIP - $8
Ichiban Kuji Mewtwo Pokedoll Figure - MIB - $12

Pokemon Chocolate Figure Eevee (unassembled) - $7
Pokemon Chocolate Figure Yveltal (unassembled) - $5
Came in chocolate eggs with a capsule inside. Those didn't last long. I got hungry in Japan.

2013 Pokemon Center 1:1 Scale Eevee Plush - High Quality, MWT - $35 SOLD

2013 Pokemon Center Shiny Magikarp Plush - MWT and very soft! - $35 OBO SOLD

Takara TOMY Sylveon Siting Plush - MWT - $25
Eeveelution 3DS Game Case Holder - Holds 24 DS/3DS Games - $25
Jakks Yamna Plush - Excellent Condition, hang tag was lost :( - $12
Banpresto DX Shaymin Plush - Excellent Condition with tags - $15

Rare 2000 Hasbro Totodile Beanie - Good Condition (tush tag only) - $7
2000 Totodile Friends Plush - Very Good Condition - $4
Tomy Totodile Pokeball Plush (flips inside out) - Good Condition (tush tag only) - $7

Assorted Pokemon Center - All MWT, but tags may be warped/slightly bent - $7 each OBO
Zorua Pokedoll - MWT - $15

Cyndaquil Beanie - Good Condition - $8 SOLD
2000 Hasbro Cyndaquil - MWT (tag is a bit warped, but in fantastic shape considering its age) - $16 OBO
2000 Chikorita Friends Plush - very good condition - $4
2000 Banpresto Chikorita Plush - good condition - tush tag only - $5

2007 Banbresto Pachirisu - very good condition - tush tag only - $7
2007 Pachirisu Pokedoll - Excellent condition with Hang Tag (slightly warped/may have small creases) - $30
Possibly factory regect Pachirisu Canvas - don't know where I got him, but he's a bit "off" and has glue showing - $6 OBO

2015 Pokemon Center New Years "Sleepy" Froakie Plush - Mint - $60
Tracked FedEx shipping in a box within the US will be $10 - Willing to ship securely in bags to refude international costs
This guy is pretty big - I don't have a ruler at the moment, but he's about 8" tall (without nose bubble) and about 18" long.
Head-on picture from the front

Chikorita (Makeup?) Pouch - From original Johto release - $6
Chikorita Metal Necklace & Pendent - pretty heavy - $5
Totodile & Feraligatr Keychain - $4 (HOLD)
Keldeo Bottlecap Figure - $3
All others - $1 each

SOLD: All Cyndaquil Figures

2011 Black & White US Tour Unova Starters Patches - All three included, New - $10
2005 Pokemon Center Pikachu Strap - can be looped onto phone/DS/whatever w/ the attached string - $6
Dialga/Palkia Diamond and Pearl Pre-Order Stylus - $4 each or $6 for both
Unopened Burger King Jigglypuff Gold Plated Card - still in plastic, no longer have box - $8 OBO
Got this in a lot and it was in a Jigglypuff box, but I cannot gaurantee that's what's inside!

2008 World Championship Deck "Empotech" - All cards & booklet included - $18 OBO
Cards in a very good, but still slightly "played" condition

2011 Black & White US Tour Unova Starts Phone Charm - MIP - $4
Manaphy Phone Charm - MIP - $2
Meowth TOMY - very good condition - $3

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