Lati Queen (seouldew) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Lati Queen

Epic collection update!

over the last few months since I've been here, I picked up a TON of lati merch click the So this is what my collection looked like BEFORE pkmn collectors
just the tomy figures, and I had a few TCG cards as well. And thanks to the community, it slowly began to grow!


I was browsing on google to see if anyone else collected the latis so I typed "latios collection" and found a community member I noticed she wasn't very active anymore and I sent an email regarding her collection. It had been about a month, no reply, I was very polite so I didn't worry.

Recently someone posted a question regarding an ebay find, shiny lati kids. I recognized the seller's name, yep, Eifia. I missed out on those kids because I misread the ending date. the next day I find this lot

amazing yes, I snatched it up, despite its cost, I couldn't pass it up ^^;;;

long story short, thank you everyone in Pkmncollectors, thanks to this wonderful group of people I was and am able to continue collecting my favorite pokemon! here's my collection now

changed a lot huh? I'm currently working on a collection/sales site to organize everything, so stay tuned^-^

Thanks again everyone!
I leave you with this latios I doodled awhile back :D
Tags: collection, latias, latios
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