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Lots o' Sales Part One (Plush)

EDIT:  ALL PAID FOR ORDERS ON THIS POST HAVE BEEN SHIPPED!!  Most packages were shipped last week (week of 1/26) and the remaining packages (the handful of people who I needed shipping addresses from) were shipped this week.  If you would like feedback, leave your link below. Thank you SO much for your orders!!


Hello collectors *\(´▽`)/*  Finally, nearly a year after moving, all my sales boxes have arrived in Japan... and combined with all of the Pokemon Center extras I've acquired during 2014, my house is bursting at the seams with Pokemon merchandise!  It's time to get these guys new homes!

Starting off with plush because they take up the most space -- basically all of these are listed at a very discounted price, some even below the original retail price I paid.

Aside from what is listed on Poketopia, Pokemon Center pickups are on hold for the next several weeks until I have all of my regular sales listed.  Please don't ask about pickups in this post -- I will post again once I am open :)  Thank you for understanding!

Sales Information:
★ Sales permission granted back in 2008
★ My feedback is located here
★ My full sales conditions can be found here
★ I am happy to give you a quote but commitments have priority.  Shipping is approximately $7 for one plush and an extra $3 for each additional plush.
★ Please do not ask for holds or payment plans on these items as they are priced low to get to new homes ASAP!

Unless otherwise mentioned, all plush are in like new condition with all tags :)

Before getting into the main sales portion, I should mention that I have some sleepy New Year's plush that I will sell individually!!!  Froakie and Chespin are $40 shipped each, and Fennekin is $75 shipped.  All brand new, straight from the Pokemon Center of course :)  (Prices include EMS shipping with tracking and insurance)

Now onto the main sales!!!!

(Apologies for the wacky lighting in the photos.  It's late at night here and my current computer doesn't have any image editing software..)

Japanese Version Takara TOMY Sitting Plush (Jolteon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon) $17 each

American Version Pokedolls (Jolteon, Flareon, Umbreon) $14 each

Japanese Version Velboa Vaporeon Pokedoll: $25
Japanese Version Minky Flareon Pokedoll: $20

Both are tush tag only but otherwise in excellent condition.

I Love Eevee Keychains - $8 each
(Tush tag only Vaporeon & Umbreon also available for $5 each)

I Love Eevee & Gothic Series Plush - $10 each
I Love Gothic Espeon & Umbreon Sold

Jolteon & Flareon Sitting Plush: $8 each
Sylveon Sitting Plush: $12

Eevee Canvas Plush: $40
Flareon Canvas Plush (tush tag only): $30

Vaporeon Mini Pokedoll: $15
Jolteon & Espeon MPC Plush: $7 each
Deerling MPC Plush: $4

Pecha Berry Pikachu: $8
Tokyo Station Pikachu: $20
Pikachu Petit Plush: $10

American Version TOMY Fennekin: $10
Pokemon Center Fennekin (Japanese & American available): $12 each
Pokemon Center Christmas Fennekin: $25

Korotto Manmaru Fennekin: $8
Pokedoll Fennekin: $12
Banpresto Fennekin: $8

TOMY Keychain Fennekin: $7
MPC Fennekin: $10
Petit Fennekin: $8

Petit Charmander: $8
Kyun Chara Charmander: $15
Banpresto Keychain Charmander: $5
Velboa Charmander Pokedoll: $10
Charmander TOMY Keychain: $10 (all tags included but I did have him on my bag for a brief time)

Jakks Leafeon (tush tag only): $15
Japanese Version Pokemon Center Espeon: $12
Jakks Deerling: $8
Japanese Version Pokemon Center Vaporeon: $18

Thanks for looking and happy collecting!
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