gustygarchomp (gustygarchomp) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection update and wants

Hello all! This is my first collection update and im ready to show what I have. Note, this isnt all of it, most of my stuff is back at my house as I can only bring small stuff to my dorm.

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My (small) pokedoll collection! all of them except the ho oh were bought from members here, including the vaporeon xd plush
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My very old and very loved Marill and Squirtle pillows, I also have the pikachu, charmander and charizard pillows back at home
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Got these 3 from a secret santa exchange. My friends know me so well :)
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Finally my chomps. The garchompite necklace was also a christmas gift

For wants, my high priority items are:
- mwt raikou and entei pokedoll's
- a giratina altered form pokedoll
- Garchomp 2012 banpresto plush *grail*
Let me know if anyone has any for sale, ill definitely check it out
Tags: collection update, wants
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