leashedragon (leashedragon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My First Ebay Lot Won! - Suicune Jakks Questions

I know I just posted recently about gets, so I apologize for posting again so soon, but I was quite happy with my package that arrived today. It was an Ebay lot I won, and just for one figure in it. I also need a little assistance with one of the items.


A bag of goodies! You might see what I bought it for right away.

Here's everyone lined up. I tossed the weird little not-a-pokemon thingy and left the Bowser off to the side. From what I can tell, everyone is legit. I thought Mr. Mime might not have been because his colors were just.. off, but apparently that's just how he was made. Poor Pikachu was missing his tail.

Anywho, let's get to the real point of this.

Jakks Suicune Figure!! Looking good!
Looking.. ok.. eye is a little off..
Oh.. oh god.. Suicune.. what happened?!

His eyes were put on very uneven. VERY.. uneven. Now comparing it to pictures online, he looks legit, but I'm noticing his belly print is off. I'm not sure if when stamping him the "e" pressed twice... Can anyone with a Jakks Suicune take a picture of his belly, specifically the writing? Were there bootlegs even made of this? If so.. I'm going to be livid. The whole reason I bought the lot was for the Jakks Suicune. It was only 20$ for everything, which I figured I could get some of that back if I sell the rest. I'm hoping he was just a misprint/reject. Please just be one..  I mean I can live with the silly eyes, but if you're a bootie.. I dunno. Answered. Thanks all!
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