Formally killerjaw01 (bergunty) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Formally killerjaw01

Rait said Fred the custom Raichu & collection update

Well I had a go at my second custom plush- this time a Raichu.
I wanted to make a dangly head- so I did.
He has a bell & a bow, but no arms or legs- nicknamed Fred Armstrong :3



Fabric is High-Vis material, tail made of pipe cleaner. Body & ears hand sewn, tail sewn on- cheeks, stripes, & inner ears Super glued (cheat) & fabric paint for eyes, nose & mouth.

Did not come out as well as I was hoping, but better than when what I thought when I was making it!



Collection update
Yay my doujinshi came today! Thanks Gin, it's top quality- though I can't read any of it (pfft don't need it for some of the scenes lol!)
I did receive the postcard from another member recently so thanks :3
Yay my 1st bell plush!
Kid Raichu (eBay) & stamps (Happyjolteon & Lineaalba) take the mick out of Dripzard from Kefanni.
"I'm just big boned..." :( (like I can talk...!)
Received Mewtwo straw from g_manluver at long last- she posted it months ago and it arrived last week!
"If we work together we can get out of the blackcurrant!"

PS I have stuck the remainder of my figures on eBay in one job lot:

Also Question regarding plushes- how do you sew round objects? ie heads etc? I made Raichu into a parcel before sewing but it came out messy and I know plush aren't made this way so has anyone got any advice?


Tags: charizard, lucario, mewtwo, raichu, skymin, wartortle
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