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Another Gets Post And Custom Plush!

Hello again! :D Over the past week I have been getting all kinds of stuff in the main >>; mostly from people here on pkmncollectors! ^^

get 2
Pokemon Center, MPC and Posable plushes~ Plus the little lotto figure! :D

Scraggy Pokemon Center plush, Scraggy MPC and Scraggy coin pouch. I have almost all of the plushes for Scraggy and that makes me sad D:

get 1

New Pokedoll additions! I'm so happy to finally have vweavile and Buizel @-@ They are too cute!

Thank you to everyone here who I bought stuff from so far! <3 :D

And here is my current pokedoll collection :D Sorry about the messy picture @-@

I have been working on a custom pokedoll for a close friend of mine and finally was able to finish it ^^
I'm really happy with how he came out, and I can't wait to make more pokedolls!
magmar crop

magmar 2
magmar 3

I'd love to hear what you guys think of him ^^ It's only my second attempt at making a pokemon plush (my first being a scraggy  :) )

Also, I've made a post for my wants here! Mostly Scraggy, Chespin and Mewtwo things ^^

I'd love to get trade/sales permission soon so please don't forget to leave feedback for me if I bought something from you :3
And thank you to everyone who has left feedback already :D

Thanks for looking! I need to figure out how to make a collection site/page here soon, my stuff is starting to grow rapidly @-@
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