w65011 (w65011) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wants: Manectric, Herdier

Hello all! I haven't been on for a while but trust me I look every day! Today I'm looking for a few things now that they're out apparently:
- MANECTRIC PLUSH (There's one on Pokevault but $45.00? :()
- Herdier plush from the same set (It's cute!)
- Manectric EX, MEGA Manectric EX, Manectric EX FA (I've had crap luck and have got like every ultra rare except these guys...)

I'd prefer if I got the cards in top loaders to keep them safe, and to buy the plushies together. Obviously I don't want to spend too much either.

That's all today!
Tags: manectric, wants
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