Nina Needless (absol) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Nina Needless

new gets from the last two month :3

Hey community,

i haven't posted so long no gets from me. Today i have soooo much gets from the last 2 month :) There are some things which i will not post because i had not the time for that.

Here we go :p


My Jolteon Pokedoll received today. I got Umbreon earlier :) I've got both from members of the community.
Espeon, Glaceon and Flareon are on the way to me ^^ so i try to get the rest in the future :3


I got the Meowstic Pokedoll on December i think :D The Bapresto plush received this week too.
The both are to cute ^-^ I think i will buy the DX Banpresto female too. Then gets the other DX plush a partner :D haha.


I bought this Meowstic Kids last year. They are really awesome :D And some Trozei stickers.


I got this Pokedoll charms from a german community member. So the don't took so long to arrive :p


At last my Absol items which i bought in the last 2 month. I got the refelctor keychain from Ebay. I was lucky to find one :D I've got the other items from community members, without the Pokedex figure which i got from Ebay too.

I have to much gets in the last 2 month which i haven't added to my post. Mostly that are flats ^^

Thanks for looking! (I've found my grail btw. I think i will get it in 3-4 weeks!)

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