g_manluver (g_manluver) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A question I keep forgetting to ask and tiny sale

I keep forgetting this everytime I made a thread asking a question ;^;

I often see this plush on ebay from various sellers in China/Hong Kong. Other than knowing its size I have NO IDEA of anything about it. I have no idea what company made it or even if it was made by a company *could be a really good bootleg*.
So does anyone know anything about this?

Also I decided to sell my "Pokemon, The rise of Darkrai" manga seen here I'm looking for 5 bucks plus shipping for it (I payed around 10 for it just a couple of weeks ago). Shipping would probably be 3-5 bucks depending where you live. Paypal only (since its cheap).
Tags: info, sales
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