paw at the wild wild night (patagonias) wrote in pkmncollectors,
paw at the wild wild night

Heads up Target shoppers & a small get!

If you have a Target in your area, we were there today and they had several plush including all the Hoenn Starters, Mega Lucario and Mega Blastoise and I saw some new dinos (Amaura and Tyrunt) as well! We ended up picking up a Torchic because we couldn't resist. :) Lots of new booster packs/card sets as well and some double mega-evolution figure packs that I've only seen at TRU previously. Our local Target has things scattered around but check the front of the store and the end caps of the toy aisles, that's usually where they put things. (Too bad they don't have just one Pokemon section but that makes the hunt more exciting I suppose!)


This is Torchic, all the Hoenn starters came sealed in plastic Pokemon Center bags with a removable hangtag attached by elastic, I quite liked the bags because it kept them very new/clean-looking!

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