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Auctions x2!

What? More lots and more auctions? Yep! This time I have some community-specific auctions, and also a new batch of eBay lots.

* I have been a member of pkmncollectors since 2007, and received grandfathered sales permission from denkimouse.
* My community feedback can be found here.

First, I'll link to my LJ auctions, which include a Hoenn desert puzzle (with Flygon), a Hydreigon/Haxorus T Shirt, an Umbreon Tomy keychain, some shiny and clear kids, and more!
Auction items are here!

The eBay lots can be found under the cut.

200 Pokemon Kids Figure Lot

Lot of 200 Kids (various generations, no duplicate poses)

Pokemon Keychains Lot

58 Keychains Lot

Pokemon Metal Figures Lot

Lot of 69 Metal Figures

Many gen 1, a lot of gen 5, and a few of other gens.

Pokemon Figure Lot

Lot of 100 Assorted Figures

Includes lots of mini models, several DX Kids, and many others.

Pokemon Suction Cup Figure Lot

Lot of 31 Suction Cup Figures

Pokemon Tomy Monster Collection Figure Lot

Lot of 96 Tomy Figures

Gens 1-5, some clears too!

More pictures of all of these can be found on the auction pages, but feel free to ask if you have any questions or want to see larger images.

Thanks for looking!
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