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✿ New Gets/Collection Update, Wants, And Sales! ✿

Hello everyone! :D
I have good news!
I WAS going to wait until all of the things i have listed on Ebay were sold before going through my other 9 storage boxes... but, i had time off today and decided to get it over with! I managed to get 3 whole boxes of plushes i'm going to be listing for sale bit by bit over the week! I also reorganized my entire collection display and took some photos to show you!
I'm really excited to get some of this stuff out, as bittersweet as it is. A lot of the plush i'll be selling are some real favorites, but i just don't have the space to display them or appreciate them as much as someone else might! It'll be sad to see them go.
However, now i can focus on less impulse buys, and more on getting the plushes that i really love and will keep forever!
Here is a sneak peek of the 3 boxes i organized today! Chubbachu and Pikachub are here to show you, but they won't be for sale! Sorry!

I'm not sure about how i like my legendary shelf. I'll likely reorganize it again. It's just so hard to get groudon to stand up straight!
These shelves are a little empty looking because i just started collecting other anime things as well, but i don't have much yet. And a couple pokemon snuck their way onto those shelves too. xD Haha
The swirlixes finally have a shelf spot again! The slurpuff line is the only one i've decided to collect every plush for. :3 I can't wait for the new MPCs to come out! Finally a slurpuff plush! :D Also aside from my I Love Eevee DX plushes, the sitting trick pose plush are the only eeveelu plush i'm allowing myself to have. All the others will end up on Ebay. I got a little carried away with collecting them haha... xD
I'm so proud of how i organized this shelf! I love it! Most of my favorite plush are displayed here, and i decided to hang my new petite plushes from the ceiling to fill dead space! I love the petite plushes! They're so detailed and cute!
Raccoons! Haha i just love them so much! There is a red panda hiding down there too!
Big plushes! I couldn't give up ALL my big guys! I just can't part with these ones! They're too wonderful!
Kutakuta pika and Hamburger the raccoon chill on my sofa with me. :3
Little bidoof fits in perfectly with my disney tsum tsums! :D

Here is a link to my sales! Please click on the photo to go! I'd suggest checking back at the end of the week sometime because i should have everything listed by then. C:
✿ I was granted sales permission on 6/11/14 by allinia
✿ My feedback is here: Clickity Click!
I also have feedback on Ebay which you can get to through the sales link. C:

Last but not least! I have two special wants!! Bidoof Pokedoll and Mewtwo DX Banpresto Plush!
I'm still looking for these two cuties! Hoping to spend (at most) $50 before shipping for each! They do not need to have the hangs tags, but do need tush tags and i'd like the plush to be in at least near mint condition please.
I saw a bidoof for around $40 on Y!J, but i am still not comfortable enough using it yet. :c The last mewtwo i saw sold for $45 here on the comm.
bidoof mewtwoDXplushfront

That's it for today! Thank you all for looking! :D
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