Sapphire Luna (sapphireluna) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Sapphire Luna

Small random lot sales

I've got random items I'd like to get rid of, so please look at my two lot sales. I've got a lot of random cards, and a lot of random figures etc. I want to try my luck here before I take them to ebay.

Items are sold in a lot, not individually. If for some reason you reaaaaally want just one thing, we may be able to figure something out. I can only accept paypal.

This is the cards lot:

Everything above for 5$ Shipping to the US would be 2$ (Surface mail. for EMS add 2$)

This is the misc. figure lot:

Eevee and Wartortle lost their tail. Some figures have scratches/spots.
What you see in this last picture are 2 cardboard plates, 3 napkins, and 2 cardboard plates. Small coloring book, Latios And Kyogre cards from Wendys, Charizard tatoo, Pikachu/Pichu 3D coin, wooden Jolteon tag (has been chewed by my cat ^_^;), Flareon, Koffing, Goldeen action flipz, Pikachu and Raichu pogs, and random tcg coin.

This lot would be 8$. Shipping including paypal fees would be 6$ to the US. (Surface mail. for EMS add 2$)

I promise lots of freebies! Take those from me!
Tags: sales
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