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I'll have my collection update soon, I've gotten everything from Regen (I'll leave feedback very soon) and Suikun and the others. Sorry for the lack of posts n.n;; I've been so busy with exams and projects x.x scars of sunlight, I have your Tentacruels and a few freebies and norkia, I have your beedrill magnet. Sorry for my ditziness >< Anyways, sales post. I'm in need of money, so some of this stuff is from my own personal collection. Anyways, I hope you find something you like here.

I accept trades on some items, just ask, I collect mainly Pichu and Ho-oh as a side, I also like Cyndaquil and Pokemon kids :3
OBO=or best offer, I haggle somewhat, just ask ^^

sales001.jpg picture by Twilmer


Torchic: $10.00, Mudkip Pokedoll (tushtag only) $30.00 OBO, Starly $4.00

sales002.jpg picture by Twilmer

Meowth and Weezing (few marks) $1.00 each, Eevee $3.00

sales003.jpg picture by Twilmer

Staravia Paddle set $6.00

sales004.jpg picture by Twilmer

Pokemon Manga $6.00 each, Pokemon DP adventure sold!

sales005.jpg picture by Twilmer

Mahoromatic Manga $6.00, Mahoromatic DVD $10.00

sales006.jpg picture by Twilmer

Pokemon Jell Jars $2.00 each

sales007.jpg picture by Twilmer

Custom plush: Mawile $15.00, Pichu $8.00, Chingling $6.00, Kirby $3.00

sales008.jpg picture by Twilmer

Mana/Phione Zukan $5.00

sales009.jpg picture by Twilmer

All talking figures work: Meowth $5.00, Charmander $4.00, Eevee $7.00 OBO
Ariados talking figure (minus launcher) $10.00, Totodile squirter, some marking and fading on arms $8.00, Spinerak (minus web) $10.00
Squirtle ornament $5.00, Clear Latias Jakks $4.00

sales010.jpg picture by Twilmer

Corphish keychain $3.00, Mew keychain $5.00, Poliwhirl keychain $3.00
Clefairy HAsbro Plushie $5.00, Togepi BK beanie $2.00, Pokedex GS toy (needs batteries, works) $10.00 OBO


sales011.jpg picture by Twilmer

Baltoy Bean $1.00, Croagunk kid $4.00, Charmeleon keychain $1.00, tiny rubbery figures $0.50 each

sales012.jpg picture by Twilmer

Magnets: $0.25 each, Coins $0.50 each, Cyndaquil spinner $1.00, Gryffindor badge $1.00

sales013.jpg picture by Twilmer

RARE Espeon V-trainer (very good condition, ask for bigger pics) $45.00 OBO
V Trainer Charizard $10.00 OBO
Marowak Tomy with Pog $3.00 OBO
Sparkly Poliwrath Tomy $2.00, Meowth lightup keychain $4.00
Pudgey Pika roller (tail needs to be glued back on, otherwise perfect) $3.00 OBO
Bulba pencil sharpener $1.50
Horsea keychain $2.00

sales015.jpg picture by Twilmer

Pokemon BK spinners $1.00 each

sales016.jpg picture by Twilmer

BK Pokemon rollers with push thingy $1.00 each

sales017.jpg picture by Twilmer

Other BK toys $1.00 each

sales018.jpg picture by Twilmer

Tomys $2.00 each

sales019.jpg picture by Twilmer

Tomys $2.00 each
Unavailable: Magneton

sales020.jpg picture by Twilmer

Rayquaza tin with stickers $4.00

sales021.jpg picture by Twilmer

HP promo $0.50
Butterfree $0.25
Mew CD thing $1.00 works
Bird trio stickers $1.00
Battle e-card stack (I think 20 cards or so, I can check) $3.00 for the whole stack and instruction booklet

sales022.jpg picture by Twilmer

Old holos and promos $1.00 each

sales023.jpg picture by Twilmer

random cards $0.50 each
sold: one salamence

sales025.jpg picture by Twilmer

Old cards $0.25 each
Unavailable: Giovanni's Meowth

sales026.jpg picture by Twilmer

Random cards $0.25 each
Unavailable: Both Cyndaquil (only one of the 3D ones left)

sales027.jpg picture by Twilmer

Cards on side $0.50 each, everything else $0.25 each
Unavailable: Natu, Cubone
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