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Fimo commish, want list

Sculpture, anyone?

Sorry, the waiting list was kind of a failure because as it turns out, when it's good for me, isn't always good for you. So.. I'm going to have to just accept the first confirmed offer (or possibly two) this time. I'm really sorry ._.;

On the bright side, after a couple of requests, I made a Natu <3 I forgot my camera at school, but I'll post it as soon as I can get pics.


A good place to check out my other sculptures is here -

Edit: Added visual interest, and stopped raping your flist with a long entry ^^;

Commission Info
-I ship from Canada
-Therefore, my prices are in CAD ;)
-Shipping is $5 US, $7 UK, $9 within Canada
-Insured shipping is more, but I don't know offhand, inquire if interested!
-Pricing starts around $20 depending on the pokemon or general complexity of what you want
-Paypal only, please!
-I generally only do Pokemon. You're welcome to inquire otherwise, but please don't be put out if my answer is no ^^;

Also, I finally got around to making a want list. :3 My Totodile list has nothing specific (too many items, I'm a tad overwhelmed!), so if anyone has anything to suggest that'd be super <3 Thanks!

I don't have a whole lot of money, so I'm a little picky about what I add to these lists. I'll try and get pics soon!

I have a few miscellaneous things to trade if you have these things... I would prefer to trade plush for other plush, though, so I'm sure I'll mostly be buying ^^;
If you want pics of these things, just let me know! I'd have done it tonight, but I forgot my camera at school. These things are also for sale, if you don't have anything to trade :)
-Munchlax pokedoll ($15))
-Jakks Meowth
-Various vending machine stickers
-I would consider parting with my Luxray UFO, but ONLY if one of my must-have plush comes up @_@;
-I would also be willing to discuss Fimo commissions as trades

-Chikorita (since mine is loved, I am on the lookout for a new one :P)
-Houndour (pff yeah right, but I can dream yes? <3)

UFO Plush
-Mewtwo (chibi pokedoll style)

-Hasbro Plush (been looking all over for this!)

Karp karp karp
-Kids figure
-Rolling stamper

-Tomy figure
-BIG Tomy figure <333
Um.. I have not really developed this list yet, there's so much Totodile stuff! XD If you can help me add things to this list, that'd be awesome~
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