Whoever says Justice first wins. (lagomorphintime) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Whoever says Justice first wins.

New things and a partial collection post.

Hello. I've posted once before a while back, but I recently got something new and I wanted to post about it. I should lurk less. =^°^;=

(Lots of pictures ahead)

You know what the best feeling is?

Getting an envelope with a super cute drawing on it while at work. XD Meowth x Pikachu is my OTP, so this was a big surprise to see on the envelope. =^°^= denkimouse is awesome like that. This really made my day, and I hadn't even opened it yet. XD I did get to open it once I got home from work though.

But what was inside?

This neat bag! Sadly, because of the material I can't get a shot without glare on it. But, the bag, while neat on its own, had something even better inside.

It's Captain Pikachu! He sailed all the way here from the Pokemon Center in Yokohama. ...except he somehow forgot his boat back in Japan.

His search for alternative sailing vessels has met with mixed results.


And also, since I recently set a lot of my stuff back up after moving, here is the main part of my collection:

The Meowth and Pikachu things just happen to be next to each other. It's not like I put them like that on purpose or anything...
(Also Entei and Celebi say hi.)

Close up of the plushes. I have some Pikachu that are not with those ones at the moment, too. Sadly, I don't have that many Meowths, but I do have a lot. Considering Meowth is my favorite Pokemon, maybe I need to try harder. XD

Close up of the non plush stuff. Lots of figures and other things. Also, all Meowth related envelope art I've received so far is here too (If you look close, you can see some of the ones I cut out from their envelopes at the feet of the figures). That random Gengar is part if a set with a Meowth in it. Also, there is a Pichu up there, but it is attached to a Pikachu.

These are the figures on the next shelf up.

Above that is the Plusle and Minun shelf, and then the top. You can also see the neighboring shelf, too.

This is the stuff on that other shelf.

More of that shelf. It could use some sorting.

Edit: Here are some pictures of Entei since a couple people requested him.

From the front. Next to a chair for size reference.

From the side.

And that's all of the pictures I have for now. Thanks for looking. =^°^=
Tags: collection, meowth, minun, pikachu, plusle
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