Danni (Fae) (spasjoltik) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Danni (Fae)

Re-intro and overdue collection update~

I don't think many people will remember me but I joined back in the beginning of 2012 and kind of had to become a lurker and occasional buyer during 2013 and 2014. Life just always likes to get in the way I guess haha

So now that things have finally settled back down for me, I thought it'd be a lovely idea to get back being active on here as I do love my collection and this community so much!

A little re-introduction for you all~Collapse )

So when 2012 ended my collection looked a bit like this:
Photo 1 (dec 2012)
Photo 2 (dec 2012)

Let's take a look at what it's like now shall we!
The goodies!Collapse )

As I mentioned in my re-intro, I love to craft now so I also want to show this little guy I made for my collection:
Photo 11
I'm so proud of this piece and because Amphy <3

I actually want to create lots more figurine's as such and hopefully be able to sell them once my shop is up and I have sellers permission on here. Though it may just be here as I'd want them to go to loving homes ;u;

I hope everyone else's collections have grown nicely and hello to all the new members who I have yet to meet!
Hopefully I did all this right too as it's been awhile. And sorry it's been so long and that this post is long as well!
Take care~
Tags: ampharos, arcanine, cyndaquil, growlithe, jolteon, quilava, typhlosion
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