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New Gets and new Kids Sales!

Hey guys! I decied to wait until I got a few new items in, mainly the new kids sets before sharing and selling with you guys!
First off we have the Genshi Groudon Hen XY Kids box! My absolute favorites of this set go to Mega Gengar and Mega Charizard Y since they are side collections of mine and some of my favorite mons. Huge shoutouts to the first Zygarde to enter my collection and hoping for more in the future! Can't not love the the Meowstic couple came together <3 dawwww love those lil psy kittehs!

and on to the Genshi Kyogre Hen X and Y Kids set! I really love this set a ton! My gf gets to add a new Torchic and Kyogre to her main collections and MY FIRST GOOMY! Im seriously hooked on this Cool lil Dragon and cant wait to pick up a bunch of its Promo stuff in Japan!! Super stoked to add in Mega Metagross and the huge Mega Tyranitar! Love these guys! Mega Swampert and Sceptile are absolutely amazing with Sceptile going in my side collections and Swampert creating a dire need to collect this buff beast! Also really love Aegislash. Such a beast in the Metagame. Too good and fun to use!

I will be posting my 5 year anniversary to the Community in February and look forward to sharing this collecting adventure with you all!

On to the sales! Sales Granted by Dakajojo 3-18-2011
I am willing to ship internationally or trade for anything in my Wants List HERE ----------->  
or side collections that I do not own.
My feedback can be found here
All sales are on my Storeenvy here!    ----------->>
Non Pokemon Sales-   ----------->>>
Tags: binacle, darkrai, goomy, graveler, groudon, kids, kyogre, luxio, luxray, meowstic, noibat, pikachu, pyroar, slurpuff, torchic, vanillite, zygarde
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