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First y!japan get!

I told myself I was going to wait on doing a mass update until all my gets get here, but with the incoming snow storm to the North, I think I'll have to wait a while on a few items since they have to go through customs are just stuck. So I was very surprised to find in my inbox today at school that a package had arrived and even more it was from FromJapan!!!

Today Herds is going to help us unfold this exciting get!
2015-01-27 12.40.56
Are you ready Herds?

2015-01-27 12.44.34
That took a bit of time for Herds to open up. Talk about so much tape. But let's take a peek in there....What do you see Herds?
2015-01-27 12.45.03
"....I think I see some pups!" Hurry pull them out stat!!!

2015-01-27 12.45.54
And Herds was right!!! We do have some new pups!!! First up is the MPC of Stoutland!! :D I've been looking everywhere for this little one so I was happy to find one of y!japan! Herds seems to take a bit of liking to her because they're the same size.
2015-01-27 12.46.33
Of course this leaves my favorite get!! The new Herdier plush!! That I'm dubbing as Poncho (because my shiny herdier in game is named poncho) and boy he's a cutie! Of course Herds wasn't so warm to having another Herdier in the place, but he's just exerting his: "I am alpha you newb" XD
2015-01-27 12.47.04
I'd really like to give a big thanks to agui_chan for teaching me how to bid on items via FromJapan as well as locating a Herdier for me! :D I'm already waiting for more items to come in XD with those I'll give a grand collection update, but until next time folks!
Tags: collection update, gets, herdier, stoutland
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