Brittiny (karoia) wrote in pkmncollectors,

looking for cheap pokeball toys!

This June I'm attending a convention and my husband and I are going as the Young Couple trainers from ORAS. So we'd like Pokeballs to hold and of course I have none to use! I'm hoping someone on the community has some to sell!

It might be asking for a lot but I need two identical regular Pokeballs that aren't too big, as we need to be able to hold them comfortably. They can be like the foam ones or plastic ones or whatever material! Whatever I can get as cheap as possible :P Also I'd rather not get any that have bumps or strings (like this) but I will suck it up and buy some if someone has a set of two to sell.

If you have anything at all to sell I'd appreciate pictures and maybe a shipping quote to Canada as well!

Thanks for looking!
Tags: wanted, wants
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