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Gets, Sylveon question, and Over Due Collection Update!

So first off I'll ask my question :3

Sylveon has become one of my most favorite pokemon along with many others here! I know there must be a Sylveon expert here who might be able to answer this. Maybe lol?

With my searching of this elusive pokemon in my tiny town, I have been able to get my hands on 2 TOMY sitting plush Sylveon. I got them at two different locations, one being Hot Topic and the other at Walmart.

(click on pictures to get a closer look)


Here they are sitting side by side. They didn't look different at first, when held together like this there are huge differences between the two.
Seeing them side by side, I also noticed they have different colored fabrics.

We start start with Hot Topic Sylveon


This one was the first one I got thanks to a really good friend.
If you look at it, it's kinda derped haha! The legs looks like they are broken! I had to hold this one cause falls over quite easy. It has white and light pink fabric.

Side picture

Really flat face.


The back seems okay though!


Then inside the tag.

Now here is the Wal Mart Sylveon


This one I got more recently. If you see it looks really different compared to HT! one. It can sit on its own with out me holding it. Also the fabric on this one has a cream color and darker pink.



This one doesn't have a flat face, it has a muzzle.


Then its backside, looks normal ^-^


IMG_0718 (1)

This tag doesn't have a code like the other one does?
With that does anyone have idea whats going on with these two?

Now for my Gets and collection update!

Sylveon Charms!

Bought the pokedoll charm from niraito. Was really surprised no one snagged it! Also got the other from the pokemoncenter website ^-^


Tomy Dragonite, I found this while cleaning my room. Still in its original packaging to. No idea how old it is either XD anyone know?


My mega plusies!


Got these guys from agui_chan They are so cute! I didn't realize how tiny glow in the Jolteon was! So adorable!


Plus my TOMY figures! Go them for free from work, they all have glue on their feets.
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