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Desires & To be Pokemon Collection

This little post is primarily about a couple wants that I have..
As well as some Pokemon goods soon to be welcomed to my collection!
(Pics included~!)

Welcome to my thoughts~

Okay, well..to desires first:

Food Container/Stacked Bento:
So this is what the storage looks like..
Container storage
And here is the adorable outside! c:
Cute container with leafeon
Cute container with pocket monsters
Eeveelution Sleepy lunch container s
Eeveelution Sleepy lunch container
Green or Pink, isn't that the question..
Wasn't really too sure which one to go for first..The Pink lid one is about $20 less on ebay right now. I really should have gone for them when they were aprox. $24 each. But anyway,
I love 'em. And wouldn't they be the best to take to work?! Ahhah.

So, I love all of this. Even so, my focus is on the Leafeon.
I almost bought this blanket once before. It was..$73 with free shipping, if I do recall correctly. However, money is a little tight..for something so pricey!
I love eevee Blanket Eeveelution

These towels are so adorable. One is available that I can find, again off ebay. But I feel like it is a little too high..>__>; Again, Leafeon focused..others secondary!
So yup, I am actively looking for those bbys! That being said, I am not in a huge rush to obtain..(money is a little tight right now..ooops)
But do:
Please let me know if you have any that you may be willing to sell/transfer ownership?
Thanks dears!

Okay, okay..and then..
'My Collection' Or rather, soon to be new additions.
I was planning on waiting..but this evening I am just tooooo excited!

Bought this guy this evening:
Leafeon Cell Phone Plug Pokebox
Also, there is another one of these for sale right now! c:

And then this lovely Vinyl sticker I ordered some other evening:
Leafeon Vinyl Seal
Now let's not forget potentially the best most exciting part of this post..
My to be Eeveelution Plush Set  I love Eevee
I got them for a darn good buy..<3
They have been sitting in the same place for days, says tracking. Whhhyyyy are you stuck my lovelies? Come home to me soon! ; u;
(--update/edit-- After being stuck in one place since the 22nd, yesterday-the 31st there was an update! They are likely only a day away! Unless they need another 8 days to travel under an hour..)
But aren't they all so adorable??

( When everything actually arrives, I will make an updated post with all of my collection that I can find! <3 )

Do you happen to have the same items as I will? We can talk about them..and ogle(with less creepy) and adore, if you'd like.
Let's go, let's go! c:

Oh, and then here is something random and strange I found today:
Kitan Club Fuchi-ko Cup no Sokoko Coaster
At first I was amazed. And did not read specs. I thought it was one lady toy, that you could squish in many ways to be a coaster. And I wanted it furiously. Then I realized..there are 7 of them.
But weird right?
Wouldn't it be simply lovely if they made Eeveelution coasters like this?
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