deathstar899 (deathstar899) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Look what I got!

It's not really a huge grail or anything super special but I've wanted it for a little bit. I got to order it a couple days ago and it has arrived today! This is probably my last pokemon item for a while sadly(and I mean a while, since I'm saving up for something big X'D), but I think I ended it on a good note!

hmm... what could it be....?


It's the Japanese Mega Charizard X plush! I loved the Y version and once you have one you can't help but want the other. . . ;w; He looks super awesome and I love him. They're both great and they look much better in hand than in pictures X'D I think it was a good choice for my last plush for a while! I wanted to get him as soon as possible once I decided I wanted it because you never know when they'll skyrocket in price
Look how good they are together! They complement each other perfectly!

Tags: charizard, plush, pokemon center
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