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Some Y!J Gets!

My first ever gets post! I joined at the beginning of December but I'm very bad at taking photos of stuff I get in, but I was too excited about my package from FromJapan to not!

Little Chatot here helped his mommy greet the new members of the family including a grail! (Chatot is a grail himself bought from vulpeslagopus, thank you!)



Chatot is so excited to nestle in with everyone! Maybe he thinks it's a nest. Though personally I think that FromJapan made this box unecessarily large, there's so much newpaper padding. Does anyone get overly big packages? Maybe it's a one time thing. But time to open up the goodies! This was my test run for prices and items from Y!J.


First up are all the Kids figures! This too was an experiment. I only spent 150 Yen on this lot, and since I shipped it with other things I seriously think it was worth it! They're all in great condition, and I'll definetly be buying more Kids lots in the future! I blame jaydee93 for this collection I'm building. XD


And also two We Are Team Rocket keychains! Just really wanted Pumpkaboo, hah. I actually have one MIP for display (though it got damaged in transit so I need to find another one sometime) but I wanted one to put with my car keys to take everywhere with me! The figure is just soooo nice, I wish the Tomy looked this good, this is the perfect Pumpkaboo fig. @u@


And laaastly, the plush, including my beloved I <3 Gothic Banette! Banette is my #2 favorite Pokemon and with so little plush of her the Gothic plush is the best official one. It's just so soft! I actually expected it to be a bit bigger, but Pokedoll size is okay. Chatot is cuddling with his new sister, aww. I paid a pretty penny but these days she goes for quite a bit so it was hopefully right on target with her current price! She's not super rare or expensive, but my love and desire for her (and Chatot similarly) made them grails for me. <3

And with the two MPCs, I don't know anything about MPCs and these two were in a lot with different tag colors? Do the different tag colors mean anything? I probably paid a bit too much for these, I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss a Pumpkaboo. >_>

And that's all for those gets~

I need to do a collection update soon. It's such a drastic difference! In the two months I've been a member here my tiny collection has expanded so much and is now four or five times larger! I have a lot of people to thank and I'm constantly reorganizing my shelves. XD I still need to reorganize some areas but I need to get on that pronto!

In two final questions to the community, what's the going rate these days for an Audino Canvas with tag? I'm watching a listing but I don't know if the price is good after all the fees + shipping. And it's also available on Amazon but I'm not certain if any of those are legit.

Second fun question, I'm planning on making a new binder for my TCG and covering it in pan stickers! Are they fairly resiliant and should stand up to being moved around a lot and being held? I think it would look super cute!
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