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Grail get :D

Been looking for this Rayquaza AG toy for a long time, and I found it once in its box with a buyitnow option a few months back and ordered it immediately, but then it got cancelled on me =_= So a few months later I found one in a lot and bid the heck out of it~~

This figure <3 ~

Unfortunately, he's got quite a bit of scuffing on the head part especially, but he's still fully intact, the button on the back opens his mouth and he's just epic large and posable, I LOVE IT...

Honestly I haven't even looked into what the on/off switch is for. Of course the batteries are dead and I haven't even looked for where to replace the batteries and what kind, or what it even does with batteries. Anyone know? XD;

Definitely hope to take more pictures with the other figure collection and a Rayquaza collection update... and more. XD argh time~~ But awesome stuff like this makes me want to be a little kid all over again and play with my toys like the little weirdo I was.

Once again, new stock in the sales!
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