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Quick Question and Gets

Hello everyone, hope you're all having a good week.
My question is more of  a small concern. I orderd somthing 3 weeks ago and on the USPS site the tracking says it hasn't even made it to a sorting facility. i'm worried it got stolen or something of that sort. If anyone knows what might be going on I'd greatly apreciate the help<3

So many Leafeons! I never used to like Leafeon but like many of the Eeveelutions I collected just because, you could say she's grown on me.
I absolutly love all these, but the two leafeons figures on the right are my faveourite of all, they're cute and despite being the same figure, are different. their tails go different ways and I think it's just so cute! Poor Umbreon lost his tail but he was only .50¢ So I'm going to try and make him a new one, other than that hes in great condition.


I am also looking for a PC wailord plush MWT. Shipping would be to 55416

For everyone suffering from the winter blues or haveing an off day, heres a happy spring time Vivillon~

Spring time
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