laurenbachmann (laurenbachmann) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Another Metal Figures Question

Hey everyone.. so recently I was thinking "why hasn't anyone made a complete list of metal figures?" So I decided to do it myself.. ive been putting together a list (with images) of each gen 1 pokemon (except pikachu) that I can find, in each color it came in. So far I have found the following colors - Gold, Copper, Bronze, Gunmetal, Dark Red, Light Red, Blue, Silver, Dark Green, Light Green, Orange, Pink, and Dark Purple.. I've also seen a few (only 3 examples) of a Lavender color as well.. Just now I found an image that showed 2 blue caterpies but one was a lighter shade.. Can anyone confirm if there really are 2 different blue's in the Metal Figures? Also if you would like to contribute any images to my efforts please let me know :) and as always I'm still looking to buy many metal figures as well
Tags: figures, pokemon
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