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Green collection party!

Hi guys :D I have a tiny update collection with some AWESOME gets and grails!!

Yesterday I got a package from Yahoo with my angry Pikarizard, finally! It took some weeks to ship it but it's with me right now and it's awesome! It's a pity you can't fully remove the hoodie since I would try to put it on all my plushies xD And I didn't expect it would be SO soft <3 It also arrived a Cyndaquil DX Tomy and a Mamoru figure (Sailor Moon)

And today I got a package from mellow_candy with a GRAIL. I DIDN'T EVEN THOUGHT I'D FIND THE POLITOED RETSUDEN!!! Wiiiii *^* Thank you very much for this!! I also bought the Growlithe retsuden, Lucario bobblehead and Stoutland kid. You know I try to get a full collection of Politoed and Poochyena so this is awesome T^T The only problem is that it's a bit damage, Politoed doesn't have ink anymore and it seems a tiny part is sticky and you can't read correctly the name (the part with the 'nyor' from nyorotono= politoed on japanese). I had to use some red ink I had on home. Growlithe however works great!! Thanks to xxlatiosxx too since she told me about it!! <3

I have made a tiny collection update under the cut and my mainly Politoed collection too :D If someone has any quiestion about them or anyrhint, let me know, I'm glad to help!
Sorry for the horrible photos! It's already night over here >.<
First of all my Politoed collection is growing!!! I'm not missing a lot of things, you know, but if you have something that I don't have I could be interested on them!! I didn't do photo to the flats, only to figures and random things, plushies and Pokemon Time section :D (I have more poliwag line stuff, this is mainly politoed).
Some of the more rare items: poketime stuff, grabby, retsuden, clear kid...
It's not a BIG collection but it's pretty nice :)


And some quick collection update of my bookshelves. I'm only showing you the ones that have changed more, the others are on my COLLECTION POST HERE . I have new collections of Dragonites, Buizels, Tyrunt, a lot ot new Vulpixes, Typhlo UFO, Delibird, Ampharos, Heracross UFO, Feraligatr UFO and some new figures.
DSC_7758 (1)
And as usual, super long shot with my wants... I saw some Larvitar UFOs for 40-60$ so I was hoping find one for that price... And the Politoed strap is like something that's not real!! It's almost the last thing I'm missing from Politoed and the Pokemon Time bookmark... Thanks for reading guys :)
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