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Glass Tile Photostory and some gets!

I heard just a few days ago that basketbears got her Jirachi glass tile, so I can post up my photostory of how I made it now!
Super glad that it made it, as they say, across the pond in one piece. (Glass makes me nervous sometimes...I think I had 6 layers of bubblewrap on it lol)
Here's the final product in case you don't care how I made it:

Finished Jirachi Tile

Firstly, the Gets!

Beautiful, wonderful, 'Floon petite! I'm so in love with it. So tiny though! I expected it to be roughly the same size as Latias and Latios. Guess not? Still a cute patoot.

One metric ton of flats! No, not really. But quite a few. Man, Lamincards are cool! Plus the packaging is super neat!

Clear Dragonair! Finally got this clear kid. Still looking for the normal Dratini kid though. I didn't actually realize until the other day that I didn't have it.

Pokemon Heroes DVD. Oh, Latias and Latios. You cuties.

I got this a while ago, but I kept forgetting about it- Jirachi PokePark Pika Pika Bracelet. It's pretty cool! Basically, it's a glow-bracelet connector with Jirachi on it. Snazzy.

And I saved the best for last: Froslass zukan! <3


For those of you who think glass is awesome, (and I can assure you, it is) I have formally decided that I'll be taking commissions for these guys once I receive sales permission. I'll be taking a poll of how much you're all willing to pay once that time comes. One thing you need to know though- glass does not come in pink. So basically, no Sylveon, Clefairy, etc. It's sad, but there's absolutely nothing I can do about it. Generally I can find some shards of marbled glass that appear pink for cheeks though, so that might still be an option.

Anywho! So, first I started with a base. I went with black because, well, space *cue Portal 2 space bit*. I roughed out the face and all of the points. Keep in mind here that I actually cut all of the individual pieces for this. Maybe I'm nuts. They started as small bookmark-sized pieces and I used the glass cutters to shape them and the grinder to get rid of pointy bits. Fun fact- glass cutters are actually two things, a scoring tool and a pliers that breaks the glass along the scored line. You can see some of the assorted parts of the yellow and white tiles that I broke sitting above and below the tile.
Jirachi In-Progress 1
Next I added his eyes. I ended up shaping both black pieces out of some half-inch squares. It was a pain. The white and green parts are large pieces of medium-sized frit. Frit is just broken glass and comes in jars of fine, medium and course sizes. The manufacturers are nice and tumble them so that I don't end up bleeding everywhere because I don't like to use the tweezers.
Jirachi In-Progress 2
Last progress pic! I cut some blue pieces for the dangley-bits. I loved the fact that they didn't have to be perfectly straight. That's the great thing about general non-geometric things. The mouth is what we call a "stringer", or a long piece of glass. I break them to size with my fingers, which I probably shouldn't. (Reasons why I keep band-aids in my purse.) It's curvy because I held it over a small candle until I got the angle I wanted. I burned myself twice, of course. My pieces never feel done unless they have a border, but this one didn't feel like it should have one. So I made some stars out of frit instead! They didn't really end up like stars after the piece was fired, but oh well. You never 100% know what glass is going to turn out like after it goes in the kiln.
Pre-fused Jirachi
Final Product once more. Jirachi was contour fused, which is what I like to call the "medium" fuse. There's tack, which leaves everything almost exactly like you laid it out, contour, which melts the glass and rounds everything off, and full, which makes everything flatten out into one solid piece with little-to-no dimension. You can see an example of full fuse in my scrapbook, here:
Finished Jirachi Tile
Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions about how glass fusion works! I'd be happy to answer them. :)
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