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Intro, nostalgic merch, gets, and wants!

Hi there! I've been a member for a couple months and I thought it's finally time to come out of lurk mode and introduce myself to you lovely members!

I'm Seto, and I'm a 23 year-old graphic designer from the US. I've been into Pokemon for a looong time, I think this is year 17? I had a ton of Pokemon stuff when I was younger, but when I got older I'd just get a plush here or there. That's definitely changed after discovering this awesome community! My favorite Pokemon are Snivy, Blaziken, Pumpkaboo, Whimsicott, Jigglypuff and Noivern, and I've decided to try to get some merch for all of them! As you'll see below, I've already got a mini Snivy collection going, haha.

Intro aside, time to show you my collection setup! I also dug out some of the merch from my childhood to share some nostalgic stuff with you all. I thought you might get a kick out of it.


This is what I currently have out on my bookshelf! Before joining the community, the only merch there that I had were four of the Snivy plush, the Snivy Jakks figure, and most of the Jigglypuff/Igglybuff stuff minus the Jigglypuff Kid. I don't have a whole lot of room to display stuff (hence why most of my figures are sitting in front of my books) so I'm going to end up keeping my collection rather small, but I already have plans to get some wall shelves to dedicate to Kids, my main team and Pokedolls once I get more!

Some close up photos!

My little Snivy collection! c: It's amazing, I didn't look too much into merch before joining and I'm stunned at how much cool merch Snivy has! I fear it probably won't get much bigger than this due to my small amount of space but I really love everything I've gotten so far. Thanks so much to splash for the Pokedoll, PitaPoke, Kyun, TOMY, and sitting figures, kyra_midnight for the Waza Museum figure, and jaydee93 for the Serperior kid!

Jigglypuff, Igglybuff and the misc Clefable haha. Jigglypuff's been my longest-lasting fave, I just can't get over how cute she is. I hope to get some more plush of her in the future. Thanks to jaydee93 for the Jigglypuff kid!

Probably my favorite discovery after joining the community...Pokemon Kids! I had no idea these things existed and I fell in love with them immediately. I love how cute and small they are, perfect for someone who wants to collect but doesn't have a ton of space! I'm definitely planning to get one for all my favorites. I got the majority of these ones from jaydee93's amazing Kids store. Noivern is from splash.

Lastly, here are my plush that live on my bed! Well, all but Pumpkaboo, he lives on the windowsill with my little collection of bat plush. The big Banpresto Snivy is probably my favorite plush. I wanted him for years but couldn't afford him until I got one for a great price later down the road! He's very cuddly. ♥ And so is my big Jigglypuff pillow! I've had her since I was little and still love to use her as my pillow every so often.

I have tons more plush that currently live in my closet that I just don't have the room for.

I also got some cool stuff in the mail today! c: They got added to the shelf after I took a quick photo. Apologies for how dark it is.

Thanks so much eeveefreakashie for the Jigglypuff Hasbro plush (she's still so soft omg) and salamence646 for the small horde of figures!

Now for some nostalgic stuff!

Here's a bunch of old toys I found! I totally forgot about those Gameboy Pokeball launchers, oh wow. Just think, some kids today might not even know what Gameboys are! Makes me feel kind of old to be honest...

Some close-ups of sweet Pokemon tech from back when Tomagotchi-like toys were all the rage. The first two are watches that also have Pikachus you could interact with. They would make Pikachu noises! And of course, the last is a Pokemon Pikachu where you got to raise Pikachu! Man, I took that thing everywhere in 4th grade. I'm really tempted to put new batteries in it to see if it still would work.

Old cards! Topps, from what I've seen them called around the community. It really feels like just yesterday that The First Movie came out and there were Burger King promotions and whatnot for Pokemon's first debut on the big screen.

Speaking of Burger's a bunch of toys from I'm guessing when the Movie 2000 came out, and then a bunch of figures! Mostly TOMYs but there are some other random ones scattered in. I don't even remember where most of them came from, but it was fun sifting through them again.

Probably my favorite find though was this plush of Pikachu and the Pichu Bros. that attach to him with velcro. My grandma got me this for my birthday way back when was open the first time. I think the Igglybuff plush on my shelf is also from this set? Either way, I'm super glad to have found it again, it's such a cute plush!

There's a couple things I'm really on the lookout for right now, so I'm going to post them here! None of these photos are mine (I got them off Google), so if any of these are yours and you want me to take it down, please let me know and I'll gladly do so!


Highest priority! I only need him to complete my Kid collection of my main team!



Other Figures:

Pumpkaboo TOMY

Jigglypuff TOMY

Whimsicott Fairy Ippai Figure


Blaziken Pokemon Time Strap

My other wants can be found by clicking the banner below! c: The ones I listed here are my highest priority wants but I'd definitely like to know if there's anything else on the list someone's be willing to sell! My grails might be a bit out of my price range right now, but still please let me know if you happen to be selling one!

That ended up being a super long post pfff, I apologize. But I hope you had fun looking if you went through it all! All that said, I want to say I'm super excited to be a part of a fun community like this and I'm looking forward to expanding my collection alongside you all!
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