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Need to get rid of stock - reduced prices on everything + sales updates!

I've revised my sales and have opened economy airmail again!
The Australian dollar is weak at the moment, so I'm passing the savings on to you! and also my mum has decided to move house so i need to get rid of things I have reduced the prices on everything in my sales post, by at least 20% on most items, and added a couple of new things! I have a little more to add at some stage but I want to clear stock first, so please don't wait on that - it could be months.

NEWS!!! My economy carrier revised its prices and routes recently, so as well as shipping starting as low as $5-6 to most destinations, tracking and insurance through this carrier is also cheap now, if you want to protect yourself! So you can have tracked international packages for as little as $8-9. (Please ask for tracking if you want it!) All details on shipping are in my sales post; please read carefully before ordering :)

PLEASE READ BEFORE CLICKING THROUGH!! I do want to place some important info about shipping here, though: Last time I shipped using this service, some packages took 5-6 weeks to arrive, longer than the 2-4 weeks stated by the carrier. As I shipped in October/November, I am guessing the delay was because of the Christmas rush (even though it's airmail, since it's an economy service, packages have lower priority); I believe chain has been using the same carrier without issue. However, since I have no control of the postal service, I can't guarantee delivery time, and if you are concerned about postage time/items getting lost I recommend either purchasing tracking or asking for Australia Post service. Now that dispute time is 180 days it shouldn't be as much of an issue, though.

Click through for big savings on everything in my sales :D

I'm heading off to bed now and hitting up a Primal Clash prerelease tomorrow, so it may be a little wait for a quote. I promise I'm not ignoring anyone, though!
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