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Gets Post and updated wants!

Recently I received a package from myntii full of amazing things! I didn't have time to do a cool little thing like having a Pokemon of mine opening the package as I didn't have time to do so, so here they are on display :) Sorry for the bad quality. I only have my phone to take pictures with.

Actually, not all of them, some I already had. The straps, a few figures, and one of the pokedolls, though, came from the lot :)




I've slowly been updating my wants list as I've seen more and more of what merchandise exists. I'd like to include little stories as to why I want these since they are Pokemon related and I think they're pretty cool. Stories are under the cut under each want.

Manectric UFO


I've always liked Electrike's line, mostly because it was a canine, but I never felt any connection of sorts to him or his evolved forms until recently. I was wonder trading my spare Pokemon like I always do when I get bored. I received the usual for the most part, Eevees to go in my eeveelution box, a starter or two, a bunch of Pokemon I already had, and the likes. One of the many I received was an Electrike. At first I didn't look twice, then, when I went to preform another Wonder Trade, I noticed it was named. This Electrike was named Ruth. An uncommon name, and also my real life name. My jaw dropped! I immediately EV trained the Pokemon and now it's an absolute favorite of mine :)

Poochyena UFO


Much like Electrike's line, I loved Poochyena's line but never felt a connection of sorts until June 4th, 2014. One of my best friends, my beloved black pug of almost 15 years, Pepper, passed away. I wanted more than anything to have a Pokemon named in her honor, and a few days later I decided on a Poochyena. A friend of mine had been breeding perfect Poochyenas, and traded a female one named Pepper to me. I noticed something amazing about this Poochyena. She didn't just have the perfect nature and moveset, she was also hatched June 4th, 2014. I decided that Poochyena really was the perfect Pokemon to be named after my best friend, and she hasn't left my virtual side since.
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