Claire (faiarrow) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My personal card holy-grail...

The term holy grail is something that gets thrown around a fair bit, but I feel it really applies to my recent get since I have simply been after them for so long- and have never seen them until this year.

Long-story short(ish) edition:
I used to collect the cards solidly as a kid. The shop keepers in my town used to tell you awesome and exciting things about cards from japan that they'd seen or heard about long before they had made an english translation. I had always dreamt of getting some of these elusive cards but my collecting flame dwindled and died not too long after Team Rocket was released.

Now I'm solidly back IN to collecting- I've been collecting cards for about two years again now and have racked up a number of sets and a number of rare cards. I had sworn OFF trying to collect the japanese cards, but I caved in finally and started buying sets and promos and boxes. Haven't looked back since.

The elusive beauties known as the 'Masaki Evolution Campaign' cards had always eluded me, I had never seen any on eBay for sale during my time looking up promos until a week and a half ago...

Other card collectors holy grails may rest in things like the illustrator pikachu card, and others amongst that, but mine was solidly with these 5 pretties.

;_________; *happiest cally*

The scans of these will be crossposted to collectorviper, so apologies to anyone watching there as well for a mostly double post <3 but yay!
Tags: alakazam, cards, gengar, golem, machamp, omastar
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