sproutpaw (zigguppafu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

✿ New Gets, Finished Sales, And Looking For A Digital Artist For A Small Commission! ✿

Hello everyone! :D
Did everyone affected by the recent snow storm make it through okay? I was stuck at work for two nights and 3 days! However, when you work at a hotel it isn't so bad when you get put in your very own room with free meals from the hotel's restaurant around the clock! xD

Anyways, i come to the community today with a few requests and to show off some new exciting gets!!

First i'm going to show off my new ziggily wiggly babies and a bidoof! I'm so so excited about these guys!
Does anyone know what the holes under bidoof's feets are for? :p

I also have a few even more exciting gets that are going to be on their way soon!! >w< I can't wait!

Also if anyone has any zigzagoon, linoone, swirlix, or slurpuff items for sale, Please let me know!!

Next i have a request!! I'm very hopeful to find a good digital artist to fufill this for me! It is a very simple and easy task.

I am looking for someone to take the pika icon i currently have here below, and modify it a little. I want two icons that look exactly like this except turn pika into slurpuff for the first one, and zigzagoon for the second one!

Below i have some quick drawings and descriptions of basically what i'm looking for:
I would like to turn pika into a slurpuff that looks like this. Same general picture as the pika. I want the style and everything to look as if it came straight from the game, exactly like the one i currently have. I'd also like the borders to be changed to a light blue or periwinkle color for this one. c:
For ziggily wiggily, i would like almost the exact same idea, just with light pink borders and nose. Also if you could make sure the eye slits are clearly visible against the mask and not hiding, that would be awesome! I know black on dark brown is hard to see, but maybe changing the color of the slits would work or something? c:

I'm pretty picky and would prefer if it looked almost exactly like the pikachu one i have now. I would do it myself, but i no longer have photoshop and i also haven't done any kind of digital design since high school(5 years ago wow im old) so i'm a little outdated and my memory about how to do it is a bit fried! xD

Anyways, i'd be willing to pay before hand. (If you play ACNL i'd also be able to pay you in bells if you want(if that is allowed haha).

Please send me a PM if you are interested! :D I really appreciate it!!

I feel like i am forgetting something i wanted to post about... but i will come back and edit this and add it in if i think about it!

Last, but not least, i have FINALLY finished listing everything i have for sale on Ebay!
I'm so happy to finally relax and not be taking so many pictures, weighing things, and waiting for my slow af internet to load as i try and list everything. ;n;
So thankfully(for me), you all won't be seeing my many updated posts for a while!
I have a few customs up there including a sylveon who only has one bid so far! Some auction style listings, and mostly buy it nows. Some rarer items as well as some common things, a few booties, new condition items, old condition items, plush, figures, clearfiles, watches, there is a lot of variety! So please take a look! Click on the photos below to go! The bottom photo is a picture of the items that were in ONE of the four boxes of things i listed! So many plushies!(kutakuta is not for sale; he just hangs out on the sofa)


✿ I was granted sales permission on 6/11/14 by allinia
✿ My feedback is here: Ebay FB! LJ FB!

Also if anyone has any zigzagoon, linoone, swirlix, or slurpuff items for sale, Please let me know!!

Thank you all for looking! :D <3 Enjoy the sports game today! (I'll be hiding in my room watching anime haha xD )
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