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*waves* ^___^

I'd like to announce that I am back! xD (for real this time ;>>, new computer is finally all set up)

Though, due to the fact that this has been a hectic week and that I am obsessing over Fable 2 (OMGAMAZING), I only took a few updated pictures of my collection (as I packed most of my stuff since I am going to try and put some shelves up soon...that and I haven't gotten a lot of new stuff lately)

So...I took pictures of my Jumbos since they are the main thing I am focusing on right now (there are only a few other things I *really* want for my main collections [Mewtwo&Gallade]). ^_^ I should of waited since I have two more coming but, oh well xD

First up is my *newest* Jumbo :D Japanese Darkrai. He game in a magazine, I believe from CoroCoro...though, I am half asleep and can't remember if that is correct or not ;>> Either way it is a KICK ASS card (I think so at least...)

Next is my collection of English Jumbos (so far)...and I can't remember if I ever posted when I got most of these, it's been too long. The 2 that are on their way are English. I would already have the Jumbo Holo Palkia and Dialga ones...but, I can't see spending $20 on those boxes when all I really want is the Jumbos xD (I did it for Darkrai as at the time I didn't think they'd come out with more Jumbos ^^;)

Also...excuse my bed/sheets in the next two pix xD

Mewtwo is my favorite of these ones (though, that's obvious =P)

And now here are the Japanese Jumbos that I have, even though I know I am missing some. Especially that new one from the Pokemon Center o_o That one is just *awesome* and I absolutely LOVE it :D one day I'll find day xD *fingers crossed*

I personally enjoy the look of the Japanese ones more (same wit the TCG cards)

Fun Fact: the Pikachu and Pichu Bros. Jumbo was my very first Jumbo that my Stepdad bought me YEARS ago (I was probably in middle school at the time xD...[now in college])

It's hard to pick a favorite out of these...Mewtwo VS Mew is just Love...though the Lati's is an amazing jumbo <3

Well, there you have it. I hope you all enjoyed my small post :D I'll have an updated sales at some point and once I get around to it, I'll get pictures of my collections, or just the newest items in them.

Until then, happy collecting! ^_
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