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PCA = Pokemon Collectors Anonymous

Hi, my name is Alicia and I have a problem.


Ahem, anyway. My collection grew quite a bit in the past two weeks. I'm still waiting on some things to arrive, but most of it is here.

First up...

My Oyasumi Friends set 2 arrived from a community members pick up. Sorry, I forget exactly how your username went and I delete messages/replies after I have recieved the items and left feedback. It's easier to keep track of what I'm waiting on that way.
I only wanted Goomy and Lucario from the set and figured I could sell the rest off later. *Waiting on sales permission* The rest are cute, buuuuut.. they aren't really Pokemon I would play with in the game.

A much awaited order from Amazon

I was waiting for the price to drop as I now I had seen it cheaper previously. Snagged it for 12$ with Prime Shipping. I love the poseability of it, but I am very disappointed with the stickers for this one. Suicune was very simple sticker wise, Mega X was... well stickers do NOT work very well on pointy bits. The wing stickers went on fine and look nice, but this blue tips on his horns and shoulders just don't look good.

Overall, I still love it, but wish they'd toss the sticker idea.

My order from PokeVault and splash arrived on the same day which was a nice surprise when I got home from work earlier in the week.

From splash I got: Glaceon and Sylveon Ippai, Draonair and Luxray TOMY, and most importantly the Suicune Moncolle +!!
From PokeVault I got: Glaceon Attack Kid and Postcard, Vaporeon Attack Kid and Postcard, Luxray Kid, Pyroar Kid, and the new Goomy TOMY!

The Dragonair TOMY is so.. squishy and bendy compared to the newer TOMY. Speaking of which... a squishy Goomy line would kind of be neat.

One of three wins off Ebay

First up, and still waiting for, I won:

Of course just for the Suicune. The rest will be on my sales once, and if, I get permission. They're coming from Japan, but should arrive in a week or so as they're in transit now.

Next up I snagged the 7/11 launcher set, minus the launchers.. or the bases really.

It seems somwhere along the lines they were pryed off their launcher base. Here you can see the damage on the underside of Suicune. Suicune was the only one with damage to the backside as well. I got them really cheap and knew they were coming without the launcher, but I didn't realize they were actually broken off the block they sat on, too. Buuuuut... 5$ for the set, I can't argue. I'll still try and get a complete one in the future.

Lastly, I just won this over night and am waiting for them to ship it, the Suicune ThinkChip figure!

This was a nice grab as I had just lost a bid on a lot that had one brand new in package. I don't care if something is brand new and still in the package as I'm going to tear it right out of there, I just like things to be in the best condition as possible.

Here are updated collection pictures, and new pictures for ones I was missing on my Journal Post. Feel silly taking a "collection" picture of just two items...



Thanks for reading/looking! Hope some got some enjoyment from this post. I will be back in later days to share my addiction more. =3
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