I am a writer of fictions (ravestars85) wrote in pkmncollectors,
I am a writer of fictions

Psychic sales! Deoxys, Mewtwo!

In the grand scheme of things, I realized how much I need to slow my collecting down. Right now, I'm working on coming up with money for new contact lenses. And figures, due to my crappy ass vision, my lenses are nearly 200 bucks for one pair. And that's for a pair that only lasts 1 year. The ones I have now are pushing 15 months old, and I'm to the point where I'm hardly able to focus my vision on things, merely because I have difficulty affording to go to my eye doctor. Well, I realized I have pretty much no choice at this point. I need to be able to see well again. I've got a few cards under the cut that may be of interest to some people. Take a look!

Mewtwo Lv X is 7.00
Deoxys Forms are 3.00 each, except for defense, which is 2.00. I have 2 of the Speed forme holos.

Shipping is 1.00 to anywhere in the world! Thanks for looking!
Tags: cards, sales
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