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Collection Update + Collection website

Hey all!

I finally got around to photographing my items for a collection update,
plus I've set up a collection website for myself, too :)

Find all that after the cut~ [image-heavy]

My father's personal hobby is photography, so he has a lot of gear for taking good photos.
And he was kind enough to show me how to use it, and help me set up to get some quality shots of my merch.

I think they turned out pretty good!

©KAITLYN WROBLEWSKICanon EOS 650D150202Pokemon-008©KAITLYN WROBLEWSKICanon EOS 650D150202Pokemon-010©KAITLYN WROBLEWSKICanon EOS 650D150202Pokemon-005-2
©KAITLYN WROBLEWSKICanon EOS 650D150202Pokemon-040©KAITLYN WROBLEWSKICanon EOS 650D150202Pokemon-039
©KAITLYN WROBLEWSKICanon EOS 650D150202Pokemon-051©KAITLYN WROBLEWSKICanon EOS 650D150202Pokemon-050

if you'd like to see more individual photos, and more information about the items

you can go check out the collection site I've set up for myself~

I even drew myself a cute banner design for the page :'3
(click it and you should be taken there)


Tags: collection update, keldeo, lucario, mewtwo
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