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Collection update and more auctions

Hi everyone! I've been posting a lot of sales lately, so I wanted to mix things up and post some collection stuff. I do have some more eBay auctions too, though!

The auction lots have fewer pictures, so I'll put those here first...

* I have been a member of pkmncollectors since 2007, and received grandfathered sales permission from denkimouse.
* My community feedback can be found here.

First is another Kids lot! This one has 230, and includes many clears and several Eevees.

Pokemon Kids Toy Figure Lot

230 Kids Lot

Pokemon Zukan 1/40 Scale Toy Figure Lot

Zukan Lot

Pokemon 151 Pins Lot

151 Pins/Badges Lot

Pokemon Battle Coins Lot

Battle Coins Lot - mostly Johto, but some Kanto

Pokemon Thai Bottle Caps Lot

Thai Bottle Caps

Pokemon Mexican Bottle Caps Lot

Mexican Bottle Caps

I also added several more items to my Dialga lot and listed it, as well as a small Espeon lot.

Or, if you're interested in several of these, click here to see all my auctions.

I recently put most of my collection into storage, but before doing so, I took new group photos of most of them, so I'll share a few of those here!

As with my sales posts, all of these pictures are clickable for full size versions.

Shortly before I decided to reorganize everything, I got a lovely custom Kingdra plush from caffwin! I'd always wanted a Pokedoll-style Kingdra for my dragon collection, but was hesitant to commission one because he has such a complicated design. Here he is!

Pokemon Kingdra Custom Plush

He quickly became one of my favorite customs. He's just so well done!

Pokemon Kingdra Custom Plush

Pokemon Kingdra Custom Plush

Then, here he is with the rest of my Kingdra:

Pokemon Kingdra Collection

The next collection I'll show are my Lati@s. This picture is from before ORAS, and I've gotten a few new random items since then, but nothing major.

Pokemon Latias and Latios Collection

I think the newest item here is the can badge, which is from a Pokemon Center blind-packed set that came out sometime last year.

Next is Lucario! I really like Mega Lucario, so it's a little hard not to let this collection grow out of control...

Pokemon Lucario Collection

I can't show Lucario without his headcanon girlfriend, so...

Pokemon Zoroark Collection

My original goal was to get all of the Zoroark figures, but there were two I never managed to get: the Christmas cake topper figure and the 711 Triple-Chance lottery prize (of which only 30 were ever made). I'm rather completionist about these, so I might eventually sell off some of the figures I'm less attached to and just keep my favorites.

Now let's look at a few individual items...

Pokemon Jolteon Mini Model Figures

Thanks to lone_enigma, I was able to get myself a new color of Jolteon mini model - yellow! I now have 11 colors in total :D

I've seen mini models in other colors, like silver, but don't know if all of the Pokemon come in all the colors. Does anyone know if Jolteon comes in any other colors?

Pokemon Jolteon Toyopet Watch

When the Eevee Toyopet watches came out, I thought I'd probably never get Jolteon's, since they were said to be very rare and I don't check YJ very often these days. I was very happy when tdotakichan posted one up for auction and I was able to win!
Now, I probably could get a clearer picture if I took it out of the case, but I'm afraid to do that ^_^;

Pokemon Jolteon Tretta (5)

So far, I've got 5 Jolteon Tretta - I think the sparkly one from the Eevee set is the newest addition. There are probably more I'm missing, and I don't have any of Dialga's at all. Anyone have some they'd like to sell, by any chance?

I'll finish up with my other (and larger) main collection, Dialga!

Pokemon Dialga Figure Stamp

I got this stamp as part of a trade, but I know hardly anything about it. It has a light in front (once you pull out the paper tab to activate it), and a unique image on the inside about the size of a Retsuden stamp design. At first sight, I thought it was a figure based on something else that a bootlegger had stuck onto a different base, but when I compared it to others in my collection, I couldn't find any with the same mold, or in the same size, and the stamp is too original for a bootleg too. I know it's from a series with the Sinnoh starters and Pikachu, but I don't know if it's Japanese, American, European, or from somewhere else. Does anyone here have more information on this stamp series?

Pokemon Dialga Customizable Keychain

I'd seen these 'paint it yourself' kits for gen 1 Pokemon, but was surprised to find out that there was a gen 4 series too! I'm glad I found one new in package and not super sloppily put together, though I would be interested in a nicely assembled one...I suspect the paints in this kit are long dried by now.

Pokemon Dialga Ola Ice Cream Strap

This strap showed up on eBay from a seller in the Netherlands, who said that it was from a 2008 Ola Ice Cream promotion. I'd never even heard of that brand before! This is exactly the sort of item that makes me think I'll never fully complete my collection, because there are just so many obscure items like this that I don't even know exist. (On that note, anyone interested in the matching Palkia?)

That's all for now. Thanks for reading!
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