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Collection!! My loves arrived~ (Looking for Mew Tails, lol.)

This is most of my collection, so there are quite a few pictures! c'x

Oh what is this, pkmncollectors livejournal?~
Climbing Meowth Kid Hanging on soomed out
Look closer and you will realize you are not alone!
Climbing Meowth Kid Hanging on

Hey guys,
Guess who came in the mail today?
Need a hint?
Eeveelution collection love love love
After their mysteriously extended adventure, they made it safe and sound all the way from Peru~
(The mew shirt is new as well! A hot topic one? But not obtained through HT)
Now for the close ups:

Glaceon and Leafeon~!
Glaceon and Leafeon
Flareon and Jolteon~!
Flareon and Jolteon
Vaporeon and Eevee~!
Vaporeon and Eevee
Espeon and Umbreon~!
Espeon and Umbreon
Getting in an overhead-
Overhead shot
Wait, who's this?!
Fits in, doesn't he
You're not fooling anyone my little Telescope!

Check out this Pokebox cell plug charm!
Leafeon pokebox light
And check out the awesome decor packaging~
Leafeon pokebox cell plug, the backing is awesome

Now we move on to figurines:
New figurines and things. different lighting Different lighting..
New figurines and things.
Pokeball friends~
There is a mew and mewtwo in there
More collection
Pikachu clip
Not sure where this paper clip came from. I unearthed it one day, so I must have had this for a while as well. o uo;
My lunch box is awesome
My lunch box. I love it.
It is one of the oldest Pokemon items that I have, and well..Why it is likely still in such presentable condition, I used to be made fun of every time I would take it to school. So, it sat at home more or less untouched but loved. UNTIL NOW. I no longer give a flying rats' what others think about my loves. x'D
Look at the things
This poster came with the X&Y Pokedex Book. (I think you can only see half of it in one picture, the book that is. x'D ...)
Big 'ol pokemon xy list that came with pokedex xy book
So, when I was in grade school I made a few things..;
A shirt I made when I was in grade school
The other shirt has a Mew on it, and it is still at my parent's house along with an extensive amount of my Pokemon games and more collection things! o uo
Hopefully I can move them in when my current room mates move out! Will update~ c:

OKAY, so I am looking for Mew tails.
Remember the first picture of the figurines. There are 3 mews and 1 clear Pikachu without tails. x'D
I think the two similar Mews are TOMY 1998 Keychains, without the keychain part.
The one laying down is a bottlecap toy? Maybe..
If you happen to have a few of those tails lying around, for whatever reason? Please do let me know! c:

Also, a place to find the goods:
It's a site I have been searching recently..
Anyone hear of it?
So many reasonably priced Pokemon finds on there!
Honestly it confuses me a bit, and I do not have a Japan bank account..so of course I cannot buy. hahaha...:'c
Have you ever used this site?
Ever heard of it? c:
Oh! I would be very interested in making a contact that lives in Japan and uses YahooJapan!
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